Sunday, September 07, 2008

Chinese Wedding Dinner Venue

Our wedding day (according to the Chinese Traditional Ceremony) is finally confirmed.

Things to do NOW:
  1. Prepare the Wedding Dinner Guest List
  2. Select a venue to host our wedding dinner.
-_______________-" Headache...


Mei said...

when when when?! Am I invited? lol

YSMM said...

haha sure la! U wanna attend the one in KL or Ipoh or both :D ??

Live Freely said...

congratez again.....ur wedding will be this or next year?
am i invited too?

afternoon tea said...

when is your wedding dinner ah ? i will be back for new year's eve with him :)

happylife said...

don forget me ah VIK!!!! i help to "toi kiu" Very important Kuli

YSMM said...

Thanks mates!
Wedding will be in somewhere next year.
Sure you're part of my guest list!

Congratz ah! New Year eve meaning this coming Dec loh?
* grin *
If you're coming back for my wedding then can be my ji mui too!

No need to be Ku lei la... be my ji mui la haha...


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