Thursday, August 21, 2008

Melbourne: Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup!

Australia is famous for its beef. Hence, if you're a beef lover, when you visit Australia (or rather Melbourne), besides trying their very juicy beef burgers, another MUST-EAT s in Melbourne is definitely theVietnamese Beef Noodle Soup .

Note: Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup is a nourishing soup made with flat rice noodles and it is popular throughout Vietnam.

There is one very famous noodle house called Mekong that sell Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup in Swanston Street, Melbourne. Many Hong Kong TV Stars like Jacky Chan, Hung Gam Bou used to enjoy the delicious Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup there. It used to be one of our (my friends and I) always-go place when I studied in Melbourne a few years ago.

Nevertheless, if you have time, I would recommend you to travel to Springvale and try the Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup there. Springvale is known as the 'Vietnamese Village'. Hence there are a few noodle houses there that serve Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.

Information Sharing Corner:
Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant is located at Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD - 5 mins walk from Flinders Street Train Station.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Melbourne - The Beuatiful City

Hm, nothing much happened to both MM and myself recently. We live a normal life and hence, sometimes we do not quite know what to share with our friends here. *Cracking head*

A few months back, I visited Melbourne with MM and her family. Hence we'll blog about our trip to Melbourne.

And today's entry is about some interesting places or facts of Melbourne City.

This is Flinders Street Train Station, the main train station in the heart of Melbourne.

What else do we have in Melbourne? Tram!

The red one is the city-loop tram. It is FOC. It takes visitors/passengers touring around the city for FREE.

This is Bourke Street, and I'd call it the shopping-street. Some call it '扑街'. This was where we did most of our shopping at :D There are Myer, David Jones etc. And China Town (Little Bourke Street) is located just right behind Bourke Street

This is Swanston Street, the main street in Melbourne City. Many call it 'Business' Street or '商业街'.

And these 3 men had been standing at Swanston Street for ages.

This place is called Docklands. It's located at the Victoria harbour. I think the Melbourne government is trying to make it a place like Darling Harbour in Sydney, and I'd say it is definately one of the must-go place in Melbourne city.

This is Victoria State Library.

Ahem, this is club X. I guess you will be able to tell what is this shop about by looking at its name :D Okay, it's an 'adult' shop XD Basically Club X is everywhere in Melbourne. 2 bucks for a peep only! :D

Another must-visit place in Melboune city is the Shrine of Remembrance. It's a memorail for the all the Australian armies who sacrificed their lives in wars.

Another pic taken at the Shrine.

Apart from the above, there are still quite a number of interesting and must-go places in Melbourne city like Lygon Street, Victoria Market, The Crown (Casino :D), Melbourne Aquiarium, etc.

As Melbourne is known as the Garden City, you may also visit one of the well-known garden in the city called Fitzroy Garden (费事来花园 -__-) .

We'll blog more about our trip to Melbourne soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - Perhentian Island - End

What makes a good trip? Well, To us, the answer is a good companions.... Hence we'd like to thank our fellow 'buddies' - Mike (MM's bro) and his gf Elaine, Sunny (MM's brother), Min and Nini (MM's cousins) for making this a wonderful, memorable and fun-filled trip!

Some photos to share for our Perhentian trip...

Cow crossing the street, it's very common and can be seen everywhere in east coast...

Nice pool view @ Arwana Resort. Basically we had fun at the pool before and after our snorkeling trips.

Everyone was chatting without noticed that they have been snapped..

Super-cute-and-clumsy Sunny was trying to dive -___-"

Group photo time...
From Left-Right: Elaine, Min, Mike, Sunny, myself, MM and Nini.

Another one :D

hmmm... Sweet one.

MM's collecting shells or corals? Hmm...

The sport and recreation centre provides all sort of activities and services.

Tired of waiting for the snorkeling trip. O_O" Can't wait to go snorkeling!!

This was taken by Min without our attention... I think this is sweet :)

MM and her cousin Min playing at the seaside.

Getting ready for our snorkeling trip...

Um, besides fish and corals, sea cucumbers are basically everywhere at the sea side...

They are soft and sticky... Feel kinda 'geli' when holding em'. Quite 'wai'.

-_-" Again... MM's lovely brother is playing with the sea cucumber... assuming that it's his birdy -___-! This pose is super 'wai' I would say! But no doubt the sea cucumber looks exactly like his birdy :D hahaha...

Look! Another shot of him 'peeing' with the sea cucumber. Guess he really thinks that it's his bird bird. *Sweat* Pity the small little sea cucumber -__- [Click this photo to enlarge]

What else that caught our attention? The cute little Nemo...

This is Nemo's home... and there are 2 sea cucumbers just right next to it -__-

After having enough play with Nemo and the sea cucumbers, we headed to a bar for coconut drink :)

These are sea view chalets, aren't they nice?


Roasted lamb! Yummy! But it's for other guests and not us -___-"

Desserts served during dinner time ;)

Besides desserts and normal foods like nasi, curry ayam/ikan etc, we have grilled or BBQ seafood too!! They were simply too fresh and delicious! Yummy!

At night, when we were bored to death, we killed our time by playing card - Truth or Dare!! :D
Above is the video of Min losing in the game and having to perform catwalk as penalty!

With this, we shall end our entry for Perhentian trip. Have fun reading!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - Perhentian Island - Under The Sea

In our last 2 entries, we posted a few video clips we have taken during our snorkeling trip at Perhentian Island. Hence for this entry, it's gonna be a photograph sharing entry whereby we'll share some of the 'we-consider' beautiful under-water pictures taken in Perhentian Island.

Say Cheese!

So many fish!

Fish: '"Ohh? You wanna take a photo of me?!"

Um not sure if it's a stone or Coral?!

Blue color LIVE coral...


Human brain look-alike coral.

Guess they are dead corals.

Yes They are live coral reef!

'Chendol' look-alike coral.

Fantastics live Coral Reefs...

Alright, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy and love the photos as much as we do!


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