Sunday, December 12, 2010

Melbourne 3rd Revisit: St. Kilda

St. Kilda is considered as one of the most fashionable suburbs in Melbourne. To us, it is like Bangsar in KL, but of course it is more attractive and happening than Bangsar as it is a suburb near the beaches...

It is a good place to live in... a wonderful place for drinks and dining and during the summer, it transforms into a popular place for outdoor beach activities!

For people who are into wildlife, you can try your luck in St Kilda too. as St. Kilda harbour/ pier is also a preserved environment for penguins...

For people who are into photography, St. Kilda is also a place that you can consider for photo shooting during your visit to Melbourne.

Due to it's fantastic scenery, St. Kilda has also become one of our favourite places in Melbourne.

A visit to St. Kilda will never be complete without tasting of a cup of coffee/ hot chocolate and a piece of cake in Acland Street. So we also enjoyed our wonderful afternoon in Acland street :)

Note: Acland Street is one of Melbourne's Food Precincts. It is also a long-time favourite of Melbournians and tourists alike because of its famous cakes shops. It is now the number one stop for backpackers because of the busy cafes and close proximity to St Kilda's beaches.

Here's how to get to St. Kilda from Melbourne city.
1. Take tram No.16, No.86 or No.96 from Swanston Street or Bourke Street.
2. Drop off at 'Esplanade Hotel' or 'Luna Park'
3. Walk to St. Kilda Pier (5 mins)
4. Here is the google map showing the direction from Melbourne city to St. Kilda Pier.

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5. Here's the google map showing the direction from St. Kilda Pier to Acland Street.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Fun Taiwan Chapter 6 - Dining @ Mr. J Italian and French Kitchen

During our visit to Taipei, despite the back injury incident (you can see that I could not stand properly in some of the photo pages below), we managed to dine at Mr. J Italian and French Kitchen (Mr. J 義法廚房) near Taipei 101/ Sun Yat Sen Memorial.

Opened by pop star Jay Chou, Mr. J Italian and French Kitchen is a modernly minimalist bistro with classical touches added by the large oil paintings adorning the walls. These paintings are mostly portraits of him and his pals...

The menu was composed by him obviously - as they are names of Jay Chou's song titles. The staffs there were very friendly, and they told us that Jay visits the restaurant quite often (once or twice a week). We didn't get a chance to see him there, though.

*We ordered 'Pasta Salmon in cream sauce' (see the above photo page), it is indeed Jay's favourite according to the staffs ;-)

The foods we ordered were generally quite good! And the prices were very reasonable too!

They do sell merchandise and souvenirs so you can get some souvenirs if you are a fan of Jay Chou.

If you are visiting Taipei and are interested in giving the restaurant a try, here is the address:
No. 43, Lane 308, Guangfu S. Rd., Taipei City

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