Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perth - Our Lovely Nieces

Look at them, they are simply lovely and cute!

Yeah, they are my lovely nieces, Jing & Xuan from Perth.

Xuan Xuan is the youngest daughter of my cousin. When we 1st met her, she was very shy, and in fact she was a little scared of seeing us. Perhaps we have faces that scare children away, haha, I believe you can probably tell from the photo...

Nonetheless, after meeting Xuan Xuan for a few times, she felt a little more comfortable with us around. She was still shy, though :)

On the other hand, Xuan Xuan's sister Jing (Sammy) behaved otherwise. She is a very cheerful girl, and in fact a little boyish, haha... That fella even asked us to call her silly, wt*, haha...

She is really cute, and had shared with us a lot of jokes that really brightened our days. I still remember the touchy words she told me the day we left Perth T___T How I wish I could have kids that are as lovely as they are...

Yeah, we had a great time in Perth, and we really miss the monkeys. We really hope they will be able to make it for our wedding in November.

P/S: Wtf! My Nokia E71 went missing in the office!! I know the possibility of me getting it back is very slim... Anywayz, did anyone see my phone? Please return it to me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

McD Olympics Run 2009

2 weeks ago, I participated in McDonald's Olympic Run on a Sunday.

If you remember, I participated in the same event last year too (Link to last year's post).

Time really flies without our attentions, and it has been a year already!

I joined the run with Sunny, Mike & Elaine. The distance for the run is 7KM, but I feel it is longer than 7KM, as in I feel the journey is longer than last year's.

We got certifications after the run. Sunny's legs (the one in the photo) were 'broken' due to some reasons... He put all the blame to his '脚底平', which gave us a big laugh. LOL

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Preparation: Wedding Card & Dinner Gowns

Both MM and I were rather busy during the weekend. Both our family met up to discuss on our wedding. Apart from the discussion, we also selected the wedding reception invitation card. Thanks to my cousin who works as a graphic designer for giving us some samples for reference.

MM and I prefer the western or Christian wedding cards better than the Chinese ones, but our parents think otherwise.

Though it is our wedding, but it seems to us that it is the wedding of our families rather than just the 2 of us. So our parents selected a Chinese style wedding card.

We also went shopping for wedding dresses or gowns. While mom was trying 旗袍 (Qi Pao) in the fitting room, I selected a few pairs of 旗袍 for MM to try.

I think she looks great in 旗袍, she did not buy any, though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Photos - Where a blissful marriage begins...

Preview of some of our wedding photos taken few weeks ago...

Day 1: Indoor Studio Session

Day 1: Outdoor Photo Session

Day 2: Outdoor Photo Session

We have taken 400 photos, and have gotten the softcopies with no touch-up; nevertheless we are only allowed to choose 40 to be included in the albums. What a tough decision to make...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Perth - The Swan City

During our visit to Perth, we visited the city twice, that's on the 1st and last day. Thanks to my cousin, Jen, cos' she took 2 days of leave for this.

Perth city is rather small as compared to Melbourne city or Sydney city.

Nonetheless, it is rather different from the 2 cities above, as Perth has less Chinese population than Melbourne and Sydney do :)

So we felt like we were at oversea (Angmo country) when we were in Perth.

Adult shops are commonly found in Australia and other non-Muslim countries like Thailand. The one in the photo - Libido is just opposite the bank Jen works in. Hmm.. and she bought us there for window shopping.

Guess the visit was an eye-opener for this fella, and he was caught buying something from shop.., Wanna know what did he buy?










He bought this as souvenirs for his friends -_______-" Doink!

Besides some Vietnamese meal (we will blog about it soon), one of the must-try in Perth is bubble tea from Easy-Way.

Trust me, it is worth trying, it is rather costly though.

Another must-try drink is the Vietnamese Coffee. You can get it from the Vietnamese sandwich bar 2-3 shop lots away from Libido.

Besides having some nice foods and drinks in the city, we also shopped a bit and snapped some photos.

Hay Street and Murray Street are the business or rather shopping streets in the city. They have Sportgirls, Supre, Mango, Nike, Quicksilver, Billabong and blah blah blah...

However, we didn't do much shopping there but elsewhere.

Yeah, we did our shopping mainly at the Harbour town! It has lotsa lotsa factory outlets!

Nike, Adidas, Converse, Paul Frank..., you name it and you will get it there! I got a pair of Paul Frank pyjamas there at AUD20!!!! So cheap can die okay! -_-"

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Presents from YS

Dar just got his salary for the 1st time from the company he newly joined. He wanted a celebration at Jogoya.

We ended up not having any celebrations, cos' I had a very heavy lunch the other day. I can sense his disappointment though, sorry dar.

As the plan was turned down by me, he decided to give me a surprise by buying me some lil' pressies (a nice blue dress that I tried in Nichii the other day and a handbag from Guess) cos' he wants to share his joy with me.

Thanks dar, that's so sweet of you.

I am loving you more and more each, not because of the pressies ( well.., party yes lah, hahaha =p ) but it's because of the way you love me :) Muacks!

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Monday, July 06, 2009

ROM of Kai Yen & Hong Yih

Saturday, 4th July, 2009

It was the big day for one of my long lost friends - Kai Yen. Yeah, she got married to her Mr. Hubby - Mr. Peh.

The ROM took place at Thean Hou Temple. And it reminds YS and myself about our ROM that happened at the same place too. Time flies and it has been more than a year since our ROM.

Kai Yen looked stunning on her ROM day.

She is still the same old her, pretty and gorgeous, with her trademark 'killer smile' on her face! She is indeed the most beautiful friend of mine. Seriously.

We left Thean Hou Temple after taking a few photos with the pretty bride. Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Peh. We are really happy for the newly weds :)

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