Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

It has been three weeks since our wedding on 21st Nov, 2009. Life's been so busy for me since I got married. No no no, don't get me wrong, it is not our marriage that makes my life busy but my work. Let's not talk about work here ;)

We have a wonderful weekend (finally! :D ).

Dar promised to make me breakfast this weekend. As promised, he woke up early on a fine Saturday and made me breakfast! It has been quite a while since we played "masak-masak" at home.

Here is the breakfast he made. Looks good huh? ;)

In return, I also promised to bake dar the very 1st cake! (I used to bake a lot, but have never baked him any cake. *Guilty*

So we went shopping for ingredients for the very 1st fruit cake that I will be making for him!
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Dried Fruits
  • Baking Powder (Self Raising Flour)
  • Vanilla Essence
  • Eggs
Tadaa, here comes the fruit cake! Dar said it tasted good! *Proud*

In fact the cake was a lil' over-baked, but overall it was still okay. Passed! I promise I will make you tastier cakes next time!

The weekend was well-spent, both of us are happy, and we simply enjoyed simple life like this :)

P.S.: I will be writing more about our wedding (the detailed ones) soon. Stay tuned :)

Friday, December 04, 2009

The story of One Sock

Just read a very interesting story from Weng Haan's blog and would like to share with the readers.

It took us several months to build the bakery. We made the bricks from crushed anthills. Every day the village children came to help.None of the kids had shoes but one happy little guy always wore one sock - no shoes, just a sock. He was about 10 years old. I called him One Sock.Eventually my curiosity got the better of me. I said, "One Sock, tell me about this sock you always wear."He said proudly, "My Mum washes it every night. I wear it every day."I said, "Yes, but why do you wear one?"He seemed surprised by my silly question, and then he smiled broadly and said, "Because I only have one!"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ysmm Wedding on 21-Nov-2009

Finally our wedding is over. Those few days were simply tiring days for the two of us. However, we really had lotsa lotsa fun and the sweet memories were well-written in our hearts!

There are so many people we would like thank.

To our family, heng dai (and bestman), jimui (and bridemaid), relatives and friends, thanks for being there for us, sharing our most special moments with us, and most importantly, thanks for your great support!

To the photographers Kenny and Keat Siong, and the videographer Leo, thank you for the excellent job in capturing the special moments of us!

Will share more photos here, soon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wedding Reception Preview

Finally the wedding dinner in KL is over. Despite some technical issues in the slideshow, it was indeed a wonderful night to both of us.

A million thanks to those who attended our wedding to share one of our happiest moments in life - Our family, relatives, friends, and colleagues. Thanks to Wee Shin, Sze Min, Sze Koon, Poh Eng and Brenda for your assistance. Thanks to Kenny and Keat Siong for being our photographers to capture the special moments of us.

We truly appreciate it!

Attached herewith is a photo taken by abe

Thank you for being at our wedding and making it a perfect night for us. Thanks for the wishes, presents, and not forgetting 'Ang Pow' :) What's next? Our actual wedding day and the reception in Ipoh!

Our sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.

P/S: MM is down with flu and fever now. Hope she will get well soon.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pimple Attach Before Wedding

My cheek is swollen. It is inflamed with a huge pimple when I woke up from bed this morning!

It is 5 days from our wedding reception now. I have seen the beautician and she said nothing I can do about it except for applying the acne gel. wtf.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The stress with wedding bells

I saw this article from StarMetro today. It really describes what I am feeling right now.

[ “WHAT?? You’re booking the hotel one year in advance? Is that normal?” That was the reaction of one of my dear friends, Jothi, who is Malaysian but is apparently not Malaysian-ised enough to know that auspicious wedding dates are hotter than fresh pisang goreng.

My wedding is indeed set for the following year, but every person who has gone through the process of organising their wedding have advised me to secure the wedding reception venue early.

When I attended a friend’s wedding in Australia, I was shocked at how small the wedding reception was.

The weddings I’ve attended in Malaysia are anything but modest.

“You guys have up to A THOUSAND people at your weddings?!” exclaimed my Aussie mate. “Wow, Malaysian people sure have heaps of friends and family,” he concluded.

My non-Malaysian friends are boggled by the fact that the bride and groom may not even know some of the guests who turn up at their wedding.

“So who are these people, then?”

“Well, they could be long-lost relatives, a classmate or business associate of the bride and groom’s parents.”

Once I explained that little bit of fact about Malaysian-Chinese weddings, I do find our traditions somewhat ironic.

The wedding day is meant to celebrate the union of the bride and groom. A wedding reception is held for the newly-wedded to share their joy with the people closest and dearest to them and is a way for the couple to show their appreciation to the people who’ve touched their lives.

That is the way of the West. In the East however, a wedding reception is also a huge celebration not only for the bride and groom, but also for the couple’s parents and grandparents.

Till this day, you’ll find that many Chinese wedding invitations are issued not by the bride and groom, but by their parents.

Therefore, if the bride and groom’s parents host the wedding reception, it makes sense that they would invite their friends, business associates and relatives that the bride and groom never knew existed.

One could argue that, for the bride and groom, the wedding reception is one of the most meaningful events of their lives; so how is it that they have to celebrate their union with people they don’t really know?

Knowing which direction my modern train of thoughts may travel to, my very astute mother has, over the years, cleverly instilled the idea that when the day arrives, many aspects of my wedding will be organised to honour the Chinese traditions.

If you think about it, honouring traditions is not such a bad thing. I mean, who would argue against receiving ang pau instead of toasters and candlesticks as wedding gifts?

As my future in-laws are Malaccans, our main wedding reception will be in Malacca with another in Kuala Lumpur for our friends and business associates.

“How many people are you inviting to your wedding in KL?” asked an acquaintance.

“I’m writing the guest list now and trying to keep it to 500 guests,” I said.

“Oh yeah, guest lists are very important, some people get offended if they’re not invited!”

I wasn’t sure how to react to his statement. If I didn’t invite him to my wedding, would he be offended?

Guest lists are such tricky businesses that they are almost political. I can appreciate why my parents and future in-laws have such a large guest list for the Malacca wedding.

Anyone reading this can probably figure out that I’m at the preliminary stages of organising my wedding.

I have no doubt that as the months whiz by as they always do, I would discover a lot more about the quirks, joys and stresses of organising such an important occasion.

Here’s to bridesmaids, décor themes, a beautiful cake and getting toned and fabulous for the big day next year. Wish me luck! ] - Article from StarMetro, 4th November 2009.

I am really tensed, and am sick of your indecisiveness and demands. I don't understand why until today you still cannot finalize the guest list for the relatives. Yes I know we have many relatives, but do you really invite all of them to our wedding reception? You assume they will turn up but what if they don't or vice verse? You told me you will ask when you see them in person, but now the thing is you don't see them and my wedding is about not far from now. Can you call them for confirmation? Do you know that we need to arrange for accommodation (esp. in Ipoh) and finalize the total tables with the banquet manager? A lot of couple end up having arguments with their parents because of wedding preparation. I don't want this to happen to us. So I told myself to be patient. Things will be fine eventually, hopefully. Nonetheless, sometimes I just find it is clueless trying so hard to fulfill what my parents ask for. Perhaps I am just a filial and obedient child. Thinking it this way makes me feel better, sigh. But I am just not happy. Please cheer me up.

Written by MM.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wedding Preparation - 过大礼

Tomorrow will be one of the big days before our actual wedding day. Yes that's right, 过大礼 (Guo Da Li).

We have been busy with our 过大礼 preparation for the past few days. Yesterday, dar and myself went back to our hometowns separately for the preparation.

过大礼Checklist is a rather long list. e.g. Lotus, dates, sugar, salt, noodle, hard liquor, fruits etc. The most important items for the entire 过大礼 event is no other but 礼金 (Cash gifts) and 礼饼 (wedding pastry). Thanks dar and my mom-in-law for preparing all the necessary items. Really appreciate it :)

Our 过大礼 will be on tomorrow. Dar shall be arriving my place at 11am for the event. Hence he shall depart from Ipoh at 7.30am!

Guess tomorrow will be another tiring day for both of us. Gotta head to bed soon! Tomorrow will be a great day! ;)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding Preparation Progress Report

1. Finalize Guest List: 80%
2. Send Invitation Card: 50%
3. Arrangement/ Program Discussion with Photographers: 50%
4. Arrangement/ Program Discussion with Videographer: 30%
5. Arrangement/ Program Discussion with Wedding Planner cum Emcee: 80%
6. Food arrangement (catering) on Wedding eve: Unknown
7. 办嫁妆: 100%
8. 赎契 and other stuff relevant to Chinese Tradition: 0%
9. Arrangement with Concorde/ Tai Thong: 80%
10. Select Wedding Gown : 100%
11. Collect Wedding Gown : 0%
12. Order hand bouquet/ Corsages: 0%
13. Arrangement/ Program Discussion with brotherhood (兄弟): 50%
14. Arrangement/ Program Discussion with sisterhood (姐妹): 30%
15. Arrangement with Make-up artist: 90%

16. Wedding Reception Checklist Preparation: 0% - High Priority
17. Wedding Actual Day Checklist Preparation: 0% - High Priority
19. Wedding Ang Pow: 0%
20. Purchase Wine/ Hard Liquor: 100%
21. Collect Wedding Albums: 100%
22. 过大礼 'Guo Da Li' preparation: 80%
23. Distribute Wedding Pastry (派喜饼): 0%
24. Arrange Accommodation for friends and relatives: 80%
25. Prepare Thank You Gifts to sisterhood: 80%
26. Print Poster: 50%
27. Purchase Wedding Ring: 100%
28. Finalize Wedding Theme for Wedding Reception: 100%
29. Finalize Wedding Theme for brotherhood: 100%
30. Finalize Wedding Theme for sisterhood: 100%
31. Buy soft toys for wedding car decoration: 0%
32. Confirm Wedding Dinner Menu: 100%
33. Book Pre-Honeymoon Package: 100%
34. Plan for Honeymoon: 0%
35. Facial Treatment/ Spa: 0%
36. Hair Waxing: 0%
38 Manicure/ Pedicure: 0%
39. Shop for Wedding Shirt: 0%
40. The list goes on...

P/S: Wedding Reception RSVP closed. Thank you for replying.  For those who replied late, sorry to inform that the reception venue booked is insufficient to accommodate additional guest anymore. Really sorry about it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-Wedding Phobia?

Sorry for not being able to blog recently. We have not forgotten our blog. Nonetheless, we are very busy and our schedule is tied up with our wedding preparation.

'You don't want to get married twice after all the troubles in preparing a memorable wedding and the amount of the money you've spent or going to spend.' This is a Quote from someone... us..? or perhaps me..? Well... who cares.

Despite the money spent, (85% of our savings are gone now, sigh) we find wedding is very troublesome, no kidding. And, Chinese wedding is even more troublesome, especially when your parents are very demanding and they are the 'just-follow-rules' kind of people.

If you ask me what is a wedding to me...? Well, it is supposed to be a new beginning of another chapter in life for a couple, and hence it shall be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shall be remembered for the entire life of the couple. However, in order to start the new chapter in life, the couple need to go through lotsa lotsa obstacles (that's right, wedding preparation) that are trying to challenge the couple's patient. Okay I am about to exploit!

Besides, guest list is always an issue. Seriously, it evolves just like the earth! Our KL guest list started from 25 tables to 33 tables, and to 43 tables now. Even the reception venue booked cannot accommodate this amount of people and we need to look for alternatives. This is seriously crazy!

Luckily things are so far going well in Ipoh. Thank god. (Just in case if you do not know, we have 2 wedding receptions, one in KL and another in Ipoh. Hence we need to take care of our family, friends & relatives at two locations.)

Seriously, I do not enjoy the process, not at all. Maybe I have got pre-marriage phobia. It is so stressful and sometimes things just pissed me off.

I always question myself recently... 'Is this what I want?'; 'Is everybody facing the same situation as we are now?'; 'Is it worth it to spend all our savings just for a wedding?';blah blah blah... and the list goes on.

These questions keep bugging me, and I am just so tensed!! Sometimes I wonder how nice it would be if the money is spent on our honeymoon...?

Sigh I really don't know. I'm trying so hard to gain some, at least a little excitement, but I just find it is so hard... Sigh... God bless us please. I need a break. What I am longing for is actually the pre-honeymoon in Phuket right after our wedding. How sad it is.

Written by MM

P/S: P1W1max sucks!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Preparation - Guest List & Other Stuff

Life's been rather busy recently. Apart from busy compiling the receptions' guest list, we also made a decision, that is to rent an apartment nearby the place where we are staying now, as the condo we bought is still under construction and not ready for us to move in.

Here is our checklist in August:
  • Book accommodation for our relatives and friends - Done
  • Compile our Wedding Guest List - Partially Done
  • Learn Photoshop to touch-up some of our wedding photos before they can be printed into album - Not Done
  • Build/ Come out with our wedding site - Done
  • Shop for necessary stuffs for our new home; i.e. furniture, electrical-ware, kitchen-ware etc - Partially Done
  • Clean the new home and ready to move in - Partially Done
  • Pack our stuff to shift to the new home - Not Done
  • What's next? Our minds are empty now
Shifting is messy. Shopping for the new home already gives us a headache. What to buy? What not to buy? Our shopping list is restricted by the budget we have.

From furniture like Sofa TV cabinet, beds, tables, dining set, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, to electricalware like Washing machine, Fridge, Rice Cooker, Air-Cond, Microwave Oven, Hair dryer, Iron, Ironing Board and other small small thingy like pails, broom, dustbin, mirror etc etc... The "What to buy? What not to buy?" questions are still bothering us.

Besides headache, it also gives is a heartache. What a great damage it causes to our wallet. Oh my! Gotta work extra hard to earn the money back!

Despite the busy schedule, we managed to come out with our wedding website. Thanks to for providing such a wonderful tool, it is very user-friendly and most importantly, it's 100% free XD

Herewith is the URL to our wedding page:

Feel free to drop by and leave us some words ;) And, for our friends, esp. the INVITED ONES who have yet to confirm your attendence to our wedding reception, kindly do so via the RSVP page on our wedding portal. Thanks mates.

What's next? Yeah can finally recall now, after urging you for the confirmation of RSVP ;P What's next is our checklist in September
  • Red Wine Tasting, Selection & Purchase - Not Done
  • Food Tasting - Not Done
  • Table (Head) Count Confirmation with both Tai Thong Ipoh and Concorde KL - Not Done
  • Printing of Wedding Invitation Cards - Not Done
  • Wedding Gown Selection (On actual day & Wedding Receptions) - Not Done

Oh my! Wedding is tiring! Chinese Wedding is even more tiring!!

P/S: My long-lost Engagement Ring is finally found, after it went missing in action for ages!! Yesh!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Perth - Wine Tasting at Swan Valley

Perth is also known as the Swan City. It is a beautiful city with quite a number of lakes. Perhaps it is also known as the Lake City, too.

According to cousin Jen, black swans can be found in almost all lakes or river in Perth. Generally Perth only has one main river, which is also named after swan. Yeah that's right, the Swan River, duh.

I suppose almost all Australians are animal lovers. Can you imagine black swans walking and swimming around in, say Tasik Titiwangsa in KL? What a beautiful scene. Nonetheless, I can assure you it can never happen here in KL, or Malaysia, because if we do have swans swimming around in Titiwangsa, surely they will become 'Angsa Panggang' or Roasted Swans, no kidding ok -__-!!

Nah, forget about the crap, that's just for a laugh. The beautiful photos above were taken at Swan River of Perth - while we were on our way to the Swan Valley for wine tasting.


According to Sunny - To taste if the quality, 1st you smell it, then you have a small sip of it... then you smell again... then you have another small sip...

Due to the limited time we have, we only managed to visit 6-8 wineries out of (more than) 60. However it was sufficient enough to get us drunk. Both YS and Sunny had had more than 10 glasses of wine all together!! How satisfying!

Our recommendations:
1) Pinelli Wines -
2) Sandalford Wines -

Needless to say, we also bought some bottles of wine. We experienced a very beautiful sunset there! Loves it!

Information Sharing Corner:
1) Swan Valley official website -
2) Swan Valley wineries map in PDF format is available here -
3) To get there (Swan Valley) from Perth CDB by car:

View Larger Map
4) You can hire a car in Perth at or at as low as AUD29 per day.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Perth - Kalamunda Monthly Village Market

Kalamunda Monthly Village Art & Craft Market that is held on the first Saturday of each month.

As told by the name 'Village Art & Craft', they sell mostly art craft in the market. Seriously, we find Aussies are kinda artistic, or rather they are good in art. The garden deco are all handmade you see. Salute!!

Jen said we were lucky, as we were in Perth on the 1st week of May, so we managed to visit Kalamunda Village Market ;)

Kalamunda Market is similar to our 'Pasar Tani' or 'Pasar Pagi' in Malaysia. But why their 'Pasar Pagi' is so much nicer than ours one? -_-" Their market is very nice to walk one you know! Perhaps weather is one of the factors I believe.

After walking for close to 1 hour, we stopped at a cafe for Sunny's favourite GIANT sausage bun. It was so huge -_-" We we watching him while he was enjoy his giant sausage, he could not finish though.

Besides sausage buns, we also have some pancakes and organic coffee. They were all nice, especially the coffee, seriously, it tasted really great! It was costly, though O_O"

A funny video we took at Kalamunda. This man was creative! The chicky stuff is sold at 2 bucks each. Sunny bought one, and he gave it to our niece, Sammy.

Kalamunda Village Market is located at Kalamunda, and it is rather far from the city. If you are interested in visiting the market, below is for your information:

View Larger Map

Cost: Free
Start Date: 06/12/2008
Start Time: 8.30am-3pm
End Date: On-going
Recurring Days: First Saturday of every month
Address: Kalamunda Town Square, Barber Street Kalamunda WA Australia

Monday, August 03, 2009

Perth - Fremantle

Fremantle is the port city of Perth Western Australia. Fremantle, unlike many Australian cities preserved its heritage buildings.

We visited Fremantle on a Sunday when we were in Perth. Fremantle is a popular spot, particularly at weekends when you will find markets, entertainment and plenty of alfresco style cafes and eateries.

Jen and Shin suggested to have a seafood dinner at Fremantle. Before we headed to the all-time favourite restaurant of theirs, we had a walk at the seaside.

The scenery was fantastic, and we had a great time there.

We also spent some time shopping at the Fremantle Market (Freo Market). Generally, in terms of things they sell at the Freo market, we find it is rather similar to The Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, just that it is slightly smaller than Victoria Market.

They sell foods, fruits, vegetables, kitchen utensils, handmade art crafts, souvenirs etc.

Time passed really fast and it was already dinner time. Jen brought us to Cicerello's Landing, a well-known seafood restaurant at Fremantle. According to Jen, they open daily till midnight, and hence has become one of the places that they love to hang out at night. (FYI, shops usually close at 5.30pm in Perth.

We ordered quite a lot of foods, and needless to say, we left Fremantle with very-fulled stomach!

Freo is about 18-20KM from Perth city, and is accesible by cat bus from the city. Alternatively, you may drive to Freo, too. If you have time, you can also try fishing at Freo, it is one of the favourite activities of MM's aunt ;)

Below are some information for sharing:
1) Map - From Perth CDB to Frementle - by car

View Larger Map

2) Frementle Freo Market Official Website -

3) How to go to Freo Market by train:
3.1) From Perth Train Station, take Fremantle Line To Fremantle Station.
3.2) When you arrive @ Frementle Station, do the following:
3.2.1) Head southwest on Phillimore Street
3.2.2) Turn left to stay on Phillimore Steet
3.2.3) Turn right at Market Steet

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perth - Our Lovely Nieces

Look at them, they are simply lovely and cute!

Yeah, they are my lovely nieces, Jing & Xuan from Perth.

Xuan Xuan is the youngest daughter of my cousin. When we 1st met her, she was very shy, and in fact she was a little scared of seeing us. Perhaps we have faces that scare children away, haha, I believe you can probably tell from the photo...

Nonetheless, after meeting Xuan Xuan for a few times, she felt a little more comfortable with us around. She was still shy, though :)

On the other hand, Xuan Xuan's sister Jing (Sammy) behaved otherwise. She is a very cheerful girl, and in fact a little boyish, haha... That fella even asked us to call her silly, wt*, haha...

She is really cute, and had shared with us a lot of jokes that really brightened our days. I still remember the touchy words she told me the day we left Perth T___T How I wish I could have kids that are as lovely as they are...

Yeah, we had a great time in Perth, and we really miss the monkeys. We really hope they will be able to make it for our wedding in November.

P/S: Wtf! My Nokia E71 went missing in the office!! I know the possibility of me getting it back is very slim... Anywayz, did anyone see my phone? Please return it to me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

McD Olympics Run 2009

2 weeks ago, I participated in McDonald's Olympic Run on a Sunday.

If you remember, I participated in the same event last year too (Link to last year's post).

Time really flies without our attentions, and it has been a year already!

I joined the run with Sunny, Mike & Elaine. The distance for the run is 7KM, but I feel it is longer than 7KM, as in I feel the journey is longer than last year's.

We got certifications after the run. Sunny's legs (the one in the photo) were 'broken' due to some reasons... He put all the blame to his '脚底平', which gave us a big laugh. LOL

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Preparation: Wedding Card & Dinner Gowns

Both MM and I were rather busy during the weekend. Both our family met up to discuss on our wedding. Apart from the discussion, we also selected the wedding reception invitation card. Thanks to my cousin who works as a graphic designer for giving us some samples for reference.

MM and I prefer the western or Christian wedding cards better than the Chinese ones, but our parents think otherwise.

Though it is our wedding, but it seems to us that it is the wedding of our families rather than just the 2 of us. So our parents selected a Chinese style wedding card.

We also went shopping for wedding dresses or gowns. While mom was trying 旗袍 (Qi Pao) in the fitting room, I selected a few pairs of 旗袍 for MM to try.

I think she looks great in 旗袍, she did not buy any, though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Photos - Where a blissful marriage begins...

Preview of some of our wedding photos taken few weeks ago...

Day 1: Indoor Studio Session

Day 1: Outdoor Photo Session

Day 2: Outdoor Photo Session

We have taken 400 photos, and have gotten the softcopies with no touch-up; nevertheless we are only allowed to choose 40 to be included in the albums. What a tough decision to make...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Perth - The Swan City

During our visit to Perth, we visited the city twice, that's on the 1st and last day. Thanks to my cousin, Jen, cos' she took 2 days of leave for this.

Perth city is rather small as compared to Melbourne city or Sydney city.

Nonetheless, it is rather different from the 2 cities above, as Perth has less Chinese population than Melbourne and Sydney do :)

So we felt like we were at oversea (Angmo country) when we were in Perth.

Adult shops are commonly found in Australia and other non-Muslim countries like Thailand. The one in the photo - Libido is just opposite the bank Jen works in. Hmm.. and she bought us there for window shopping.

Guess the visit was an eye-opener for this fella, and he was caught buying something from shop.., Wanna know what did he buy?










He bought this as souvenirs for his friends -_______-" Doink!

Besides some Vietnamese meal (we will blog about it soon), one of the must-try in Perth is bubble tea from Easy-Way.

Trust me, it is worth trying, it is rather costly though.

Another must-try drink is the Vietnamese Coffee. You can get it from the Vietnamese sandwich bar 2-3 shop lots away from Libido.

Besides having some nice foods and drinks in the city, we also shopped a bit and snapped some photos.

Hay Street and Murray Street are the business or rather shopping streets in the city. They have Sportgirls, Supre, Mango, Nike, Quicksilver, Billabong and blah blah blah...

However, we didn't do much shopping there but elsewhere.

Yeah, we did our shopping mainly at the Harbour town! It has lotsa lotsa factory outlets!

Nike, Adidas, Converse, Paul Frank..., you name it and you will get it there! I got a pair of Paul Frank pyjamas there at AUD20!!!! So cheap can die okay! -_-"


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