Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun Taiwan Chapter 1 - What a sneeze

It was supposed to be a fun-filled & romantic honeymoon trip. However, it turned out to be a disaster... Guess what? I was admitted to the hospital on the 2nd day we visited Taipei.

We were supposed to begin our day tour of day one, and I had a big sneeze when we were about to leave the hotel. Then I felt sharp pain at my back. It was connected to both of my legs too. No kidding, the pain was very serious and I could not react to it. I could not do anything but shout for pain and cry. I could not stand, I could not sit, and I could not lay down on the bed too! Darling was in shock when he saw this. Damn! He rushed to the hotel lobby and got the receptionist to call us an ambulance. Then, with great pain and lotsa tears, I was sent to a nearby hospital - Taipei City Hospital at Ximending (西门町的和平医院 ). The 1st aiders took 30 minutes to move me from the hotel room to the ambulance, what an effort! It was the 1st time darling and I ride on an ambulance in our lives too! It was so fun! NOT!

When I was in the hospital, I still couldn't move my body(except for my hands) at all. There was a time I really thought I was paralyzed! so the doctor and nurses could not do anything like x-ray scan or some kind of examinations on me . So they gave a a jap to ease the pain on my back for a while to allow them to do some scanning on my back. They did x-ray scan (to see if there's any fracture on my spine), urine test & ultrasound (they also suspect the pain could be caused by kidney stones) on me but the results were all good! WTF! After some inspections, the doctor told us that it was a severe contusion on my back! You can't imagine how great was the pain, trust me. I even needed a wheel chair and darling's help when I wanted to go to the loo. And you can't never imagine how miserable we were at that moment! We couldn't understand how a sneeze can ruin our holiday! We weren't sure how long it will take for me to recover. Darling was not sure if we can change our return date earlier as my back was injured. Argh! We were both lost!

As it was a back contusion, there was nothing much we can do but to wait till it cures. Waiting is killing, seriously. The doctor gave me some medicines for a few days and I was advised to rest. The next day I was discharged from the hospital and rested in the hotel for a couple of days. There goes my long-waited honeymoon. Fun? Seriously NOT!

After reading my post till now you may already start wondering what happened to our honeymoon then... At this point in time, my back still hurts. But with a back support which darling got for me from the hospital and an umbrella (used as a 'Tongkat'), we still managed to spend our last 2 days walking around for a while in Taipei City.

My back still hurts now. I went to see my GP after we touched down today. It will take me 2 to 3 weeks to recover and I was advised to get physiotherapy too. Look at the incident from the bright side, at least I know my darling loves and cares for me when I was so ill, and at least I got a chance to visit one of the hospitals in Taiwan during my visit, and I believe many of you who visited Taiwan did not have the same experience as I do. Lessons learned - Sneeze can kill, so sneeze gently or do not sneeze at all. cheers...

Here is how to get to the hospital from Ximending MRT station:

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Valen Lim said...

"and at least I got a chance to visit one of the hospitals in Taiwan during my visit, and I believe many of you who visited Taiwan did not have the same experience as I do, cheers...."

disagree with the above, we visited hospital too in taiwan :P but not a serious case like u

hope u get well soon

haan said...

hope u've got travel insurance to cover your hospitalization costs.. 塞翁失馬,焉知非福.. rest well and wish u speed recovery...

Daphne said...
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Daphne said...

sorry to hear that,
rest well and get well soon ya.
Agree with Haan,
a lost may turn out to be a gain.
Take care mimi.

CathJ said...

That is 1 scary moment!! I am happy you come back safely in Msia..

I think sneeze can course nerve shock.. if we did it quite hard.. ohhh... I pray for your full recovery...

Take care..

Ah Ying said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about that. But I am also glad that you have your hubby there to take care and handle everything for you. After all, honeymoon is about deepening and reassure each others feeling. I am sure you have an unforgettable one. Get well soon!

Ysmm said...

Thanks mates, my back still hurts but it's recovering... I'm feeling better now... I can sit, stand and walk, not for long though :) Thanks for the wishes :)

Dave said...

Sorry to hear of your bad sneeze Ysmm.

U were probably too tired in tour and not warmed up to be supple enough - when U did that hard sneeze.

What U described is apparently something relating to muscular-skeletal condition of your back/ waist.

I do suggest a visit to the Chinese chiropractor.

Traveling does have its hazards, as I always advise fellow travelers. When we travel, we're in a frenzy of activities & stress much unlike our usual routines.

The back is a very important place to keep strong. Plan to exercise (swiming and walking are best for U).

Get well soon, gal! :-)

Ysmm said...

Dave: Thanks for your concern. Well, MM's back has recovered almost 90% and yes, you are right she need to have some exercise in order to be 100% fit. :)


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