Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Pregnancy Story

Jan 09th, 2011:
It was a Sunday. I was seriously sick and I was back in Ipoh with darling. I caught a serious cold when I was back from the new year holiday in Bangkok with my family.

I went to see doctor, and as usual, the doctor gave me some medicine for cold. I wasn't sure if I was pregnant, and I was so reluctant to take the medicine. On that Sunday evening when we were back to KL, I took a pregnancy test, my home pregnancy test showed a faint line. I showed it to darling and asked -- Am I pregnant?? We weren't sure :'(

Jan 10th, 2011:
It was my birthday and I was on leave. Nah, nobody wants to work on their birthdays okay! Alright back to the topic, I took another test in the morning when I 1st got up, I still got a faint line, but it was more visible than the one I got before. So darling suggested to visit a women specialist clinic near where I live. Nothing can be seen through an ultrasound scan. We were rather disappointed. But the doctor said I was still at the very early stage of my pregnancy and the baby is probably the size of a poppy seed so that was why nothing was detected in the ultrasound scan. But the doctor assured that I was pregnant and congratulated us! It was the best birthday pressie I've ever had in my life :)

Jan 17th, 2011:
One week later, we visited the women specialist clinic for another prenatal checkup. We were looking forward to seeing our baby for the 1st time in an ultrasound scan. *Fingers crossed*
Guess what! We finally saw our baby. He didn't look like a fetus (baby) that time. What we saw in the scan was just a ring or circle :) I was really excited and I had a mixture of emotions. I was feeling happy & blessed but at the same time, I started to worry about my 1st trimester of pregnancy. I must do all I can to ensure that my baby is doing fine, growing healthily in my small little tummy - This was what I told myself.

Feb 9th, 2011:
I was suppose to see my gynae after the Chinese New Year (Feb 17th). However, I really can't wait till after CNY so I went for a checkup right before we went back to Ipoh for CNY celebration.

It was a very memorable day for me for sure. Both darling and I were able to see and hear our baby's heartbeat on ultrasound. It was the most beautiful melody I have ever heard in my life. I teared up... happily :'( And one point to add is - our baby finally looked like a baby in the ultrasound scan. We can see his head, hands and legs :D

March 29th, 2011:
As usual, we went for the monthly prenatal checkup. My gynae said we could probably find out whether our babay's a boy or a girl on an ultrasound scan that day. Both dar and I were excited. To be honest, we were always excited and looking forward for my monthly checkup, cos' that's the only time we can see our baby on an ultrasound and tell that he is doing fine in within me :)

Our boy wanted to remain a mystery, so the gynae wasn't able to tell his gender ):

April 2nd, 2011:
As both my darling and I wanted to know whether our baby's a boy or a girl so eagerly for some reasons (we wanted to start shopping for baby clothes, thinking of baby names etc), we went to a women specialist clinicback in Ipoh for another on the same week. The doctor said to us: "It's a little girl, that's what your daddy is asking :)" Wow, our baby is a girl! Actually my guess was a boy as I notice some changes in my body due to some manly hormones - yes I grow some extra hair on my body!! Nevertheless, I was very happy about it too, as I always said, being able to have my own baby is already a blessing from god! and I am truly blessed.

Alright, I have to say that not only dar and I - the parents of our baby wanted to found out our baby's gender, our parents wanted to know too. Soon after my parents were told about the gender of their grandchild, they started to shop for little cute dresses for our baby =\ no kidding!

April 26th, 2011:
I went for the monthly regular checkup in KL alone as darling was having a vacation in Beijing. The regular checkup went alright until the following conversation started...

Gynae: Did I tell you whether your baby is a boy or is a girl the other time?
Me: Nope, the baby was playing hide n' seek so we were not able to find out the other time. (I have to pretent that I did not know about the baby's gender yet, cos I did not want to tell her that I went for another checkup elsewhere to find out the baby's gender =P)
Gynae: Your baby's in the right position and I can see clearly that he's a boy. (She was smiling and pointing my boy's little birdy on the monitor of ultrasound)
Me: OMG!! A boy?! ...

Yes, the scan said it all - I am having a baby boy, and I guessed it right at the beginning! Argh, it was the doctor back in Ipoh to blame! as we have announced to the whole world that our baby is a girl! #*%^*)@ And remember the 4 little dresses my parents bought for my baby?! &#$*&)($

I told darling in a video call right after checkup. He was shocked and he wasn't sure which doctor to trust! Poor darling =_="

July, 2011:
Time flies... and now, I am 31-week pregnant! (After going for a few regular monthly checkups since April, I am very certain that my baby is a boy! )

As the estimated due date is approaching, the prenatal visits are increased to every 2 weeks -this also means that we will be seeing our boy soon, yes... very soon in less than 10 weeks :)

As time goes by, I realize that both dar and I are getting more and more attached to our little boy, and we are loving my boy more and more each day. Despite some hard time or bad experiences I had during my pregnancy, for example, morning sickness and fatigue during my 1st trimester, serious backache, asthma attacks etc, my boy's kicks make me feel good, keep me stay strong and make me a stronger and better person/ mommy :)

** Words for our boy: Asthon boy, daddy and mommy love you and we are waiting for our arrival.
** Words for the daddy-to-be: Daddy, thanks for being there for me and mommy. I love you too and I promise daddy that I will be an Arsenal supporter! :D


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