Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nikon D60- Our very 1st DSLR

After a lengthy research, extensive comparison, thorough consideration and open heart discussion with another half, brought this baby home today...

Nikon D60 with standard 18-55mm kit lens. I'm RM1950 poorer and yes, i'm gonna eat grass for the rest of the month... :(

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Perth - Iterneries Planning

We will be visiting Perth soon in April! To be honest we really look forward to this one-week vacation. We really want to take a break and escape from the hussle and bussle of KL and our working life for a while.

We have started to plan for our travel iterneries and have identified some of the interesting places to visit after spoken to MM's cousin from Perth.

Sight-seeing at Wave Rock (which was formed 60,000,000 years ago) , WA.

Sight-seeing and sand boarding at Pinnacles Desert, WA.

Dolphin Watch/ Swim at Rockingham, WA.

City tour - Frementle, Swan River and Kings Park, WA.

Wine Tasting at Swan Valley! This is what I have been looking for in this trip! I must drink as much as I can, probably untill I throw out this time!

In fact we are still planning for the iteneries, and it may evolve in time. Hopefully we have some spare time to visit some of the beaches in Perth too, if time allows. Let's see how can we adjust our plan.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - Rabbit Park at Bukit Tinggi

On a boring Saturday afternoon, MM and I decided to go jalan-jalan at Bukit Tinggi. Initially we wanted to visit Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Tea Garden, however we ended up visiting the rabbit park.


I think rabbits are cute, and MM does look like one. Sorry to say that.

MM with a white rabbit. She dares not the stay close to rabbit for a god-knows-what reason.

Besides rabbits, there are deers...

and donkeys...

and some I-dunno-what-it's-called bird too. Please share with us if you do know what is the name of the birds.

Last but not least, they have a rabbit baby centre. Personally I find baby rabbits look like baby hamsters and they do not have long ears when they are babies. Can you spot the baby rabbits in the photo?

Here is how to get there from KL (Plaza toll Gombak):

View Larger Map

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - A visit to Tasik Chini

On a fine Sunday, we (my parents & Mr. Hubby) visited Tasik Chini, one of the largest lakes in Malaysia.

It's all because of my youngest brother, Sunny. Yep, he has been selected for National Service (NS), and the camp site is at Tasik Chini.

Tasik Chini Resort is known as the best NS camp in Malaysia, for some I-dunno-why reasons... The camp site is open for all public (I suppose only to the trainees' family) on every Sunday. Thanks to Sunny, we managed to tour around the camp area.

Um, these are bathrooms -_-

This is canteen, where the foods are served at. According to Sunny, they serve 6 meals a day:
6am: Tea(it can be milk, Milo, coffe or tea) and Kuih
9am: Tea(it can be milk, Milo, coffe or tea) and Kuih
12noon: Lunch
3pm: Tea(it can be milk, Milo, coffe or tea) and Kuih
6pm: Dinner
10pm: Tea(it can be milk, Milo, coffe or tea) and Kuih
According to Sunny, the lifestyle they have in the camp site is very routine, whereby they have activities from 6am till 11pm at night, and they always end up at bed at 12am with tired and exhausted bodies O_O"

Personally, I find the environment is rather nice as in it is very 'quiet' and cloase to nature. Um, it is rather remote also... I don't think I'll like this kind of lifestyle. Sorry to say that :P

Tasik Chini lake side, this is where they have all the water sports and activities.

This is me, Sunny and my mom :) In fact everybody (I mean guys) is having the same hairstyle as Sunny. According to Sunny, they are required to have their hair trimmed once every 3 weeks -__-" and it is either done by their trainers or peers.

Some of the trainees are enjoying their relaxed Sunday at the camp site.

These are some of the foods we bought for Sunny, as he always complains that the food there sucks -___-"

It's one of the baby monkeys caughted by one of the trainers, not sure what they will do the the monkeys -__-" Perhaps they will be trained to be pro-coconut-plucker.
We stayed for about an hour there, then we headed back to KL. It was a very tiring journey, but we were all happy to see Sunny :)


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