Saturday, December 27, 2008

Melbourne - St. Kilda Breakwater

It has been a year since our last visit to Melbourne. Time flies... Sigh!

We decided to post a few entries about our trip to Melbourne, and today's entry is gonna be on St. Kilda.

Personally, we find St. Kilda is a very nice place to visit, and we would say it is heaven for photographers!

No kidding. Despite the cute little wild life like penguins etc, it has fantastics scenery...

You can snap very beautiful pics even with just an ordinary digital camera!

YS was in the right mood so he managed to take some nice photos :)

How nice if we have a DSLR...

It was already tea time after the sight-seeing and photography session. So we just stopped at one of the cafes to have a cup of hot chocolate and black forest cake.

Another thing to share is, they sell very delicious cakes in St. Kilda. If you happen to visit St. Kilda, do give it a try :) You will surely love it!

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2) How to get there from Flinder Street Station (Melbourne CBD)
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Time flies... and it's Christmas, again! We celebrated our last Christmas in Melbourne...

Last year when we were in Melbourne, we did lotsa shopping... Things were really cheap in Melbourne -__-! Exp. on boxing day!

And for this year, we decided to have our Christmas celebration Bukit Bintang. We re-visited Jogoya for a Christmas buffet dinner... We had a good time there ;)

There was a huge crowd in Bukit Bintang last night. Everybody was there for X'mas countdown. Nonetheless, it didn't excite us. Perhaps we're old adi -_-

Do share with us your Christmas celebration, too! Merry Christmas to all of you! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Three Busy Days & One Wedding

My baby and I went back to Ipoh to attend my sister's wedding ceremony.

we were actually quite looking forward to this event.

Almost of all of my family members and relatives (father & mother side - Uncles, Aunties, cousins etc) attended the wedding and i haven't met with some of them for quite some times.

I had a bittersweet feeling after the wedding ceremony, I miss my sister, sigh.

And I had a bad headache. It was all because of the business of the wedding thing... I never thought it would be so busy (and messy). I've underestimated the situation.

To all our relatives and friends who sacrified their valuable weekends and holiday just to attend my sister, Brenda's wedding, you will never know how grateful on your time spent. We really appreciated it.

Though there were some unhappy moments, we truly hope Brenda can live happily ever after with her hubby.


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