Friday, June 05, 2009

Bangkok - The Colourful Cabs

Ever wonder what cars do other countries use as cabs? In Malaysia, the commonly used model is Proton Iswara, and I believe everyone of us are well aware of this.

Do you know Toyota Altis are widely used as taxi to carry passengers in the heart of our neighbor country Bangkok? Hmm... It always sounds to me that Altis is a type of expensive and luxury car in Malaysia. However, that is really not the case in Bangkok. What the heck! Guess Altis is selling at a rather cheap or affordable in Bangkok, sigh -.-"

Nah nevermind.

Then, we saw this in one of the cabs we took in Bangkok. Yes, it is a "No farting" sign in the car? Are you telling me that when I need to fart, I need to get out of the car? Shall I tell the driver "Excuse me sir, can you stop for a while cos' I need to get out of the car to fart for a bit?" whenever I wanna fart? Hmrpf!!

Anyways, that's to share with you and it's just for a laugh (",)

Another fact about cabs in Bangkok is, they are very colorful! Seriously.
As shown above, they have blue ones..,

and orange ones..,

and yellow + green ones..,

and red ones..,

and yellow ones..,

and pink ones..,

and there are lots more!! See it for yourself, they are really colorful.

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Cath J said...

I like the 'NO FART' sign!!!!! wakakakkakakka..


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