Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bangkok - Songkran Festival

Although the major Songkran Festival (a.k.a. Water Festival or Thai New Year) were called off in the heart of Bangkok, we celebrated our very first Songkran Festival in Bangkok.

It was a rather happening event, whereby the locals celebrated it together with tourists like us.

By looking at the streets in the city you will be able to tell how happening it was.

Mr. Hubby with his James Bond gun!

Mr. Hubby was very excited and happy playing with water.

*Splash* Mr. Hubby becomes the road bully, bullying the Tuk-Tuk passengers.

Everyone was happy playing with water. Some even splashed people with ICED water! Oooh!

Sunny and his Ultraman Water Splash gun. Isn't it cute?

There was a very cute tourist cycling with his snorkelling gear! LOL. It was funny.

The streets were crowded with people. We believe it would be much more happening and fun if the big events were not cancelled.

Everybody was fighting with whatever tools they have. Be it water gun, bowl, container, pail, bottle etc. WAR!

Generally, all of us enjoyed our Songkan celebration in Bangkok and have a real great fun!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Great Couple MeMe - YSMM

Putting aside the Bangkok trip, i'm going to attempt the great couple meme first inspired by some famous bloggers such as KY, Boss Stewie and the rest..

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her
This is a very though question, I first met her about 4 years back in B2B Commerce where I was a Software Developer in the company while she was the Business Development Executive. I heard about her name (Mi Mi) through a colleague and I was thinking in my mind, this is a very cute name. I met her for the first time in the room when she came and chit chat with my colleague however there was no interaction at all but I told myself, I must get to know this pretty and cute girl! So basically my first impression to her is cute, pretty friendly (but not towards me) and the photocopy machine incidents *cough*

What’s a weird habit or quirk that she has?
I think there are a few, but one of them would be she likes to hug her beloved red pillow while sleeping instead of me!!

What makes her happy?
She’s not someone who hard to please, just give her some little cute stuffs and bring her to a nice dinner will make her day ;)

What makes her sad?
Pressure due to work load. She is a very dedicated worker and self demanded, it makes her feel so sad when things aren’t going right.

What makes her angry?
Inconsiderate drivers on the road and uncivilized behaviors would make her mad

What excite her?
High-tech gadget with high tech functionality would catches her attention, there was once I showed and explained to her how fun the Wii-fit is and how we can use it together with our Wii console to lose weight, she was very excited and want it so madly. She even tried to hint me to get one every single moment during lunch, dinner, before sleep and guess what? She even blamed me for not telling her about this earlier

Tell us something funny about her
She is so funny and definitely the best soul-mate, we are always trying to make fun with each others hopelessly and puke fun about everything around us. Being together with her everyday is FUN

What’s she like at home
Sleep, eat & sleep again like tomorrow never comes…-_-“

What’s she like at school
She is a very hardworking person but can be caught into stress easily. I guess she don’t like to go to school, right baby?

Describe her room
Well, her room is my room now. She can be very messy with piles of clothes and accessories everywhere, but when her “Tidy Mood” kicks in, the room can be very neat and tidy too, I’m the one who helps her to maintain the neat and tidiness for longer time :p

What’s her best friend like
I’ve met Shin, Xiao Ying and some of her gang in secondary school and University. They’re all very smart, friendly and easy going, according to her, Xiao Ying is very smart and independence too, she hopes she can have more of Ying’s attitude sometimes

Do you know who she hates the most?
Hates is a bit strong here, I believe she doesn’t hate anyone. Perhaps dislike is more suitable for her, yes, there are a few and one of them is the HR manager in her ex-company.

Have you met her ex(es)?
No, but I suggested to invite them to attend our wedding dinner

Do her parents like you?
Considering the fact that I have been staying together with her family for more than 2 years and joining all the gathering together, I think I have a pretty good reputation in her family and have established a good relationship between her parents and siblings. But honestly speaking, I respect her father very much.

What are the first things she would say if she fell down and scraped their knee?
Xin (the way she call me), “you don’t take good care of me”..-_-“

What would she do in the emergency situation?
She would start to think who to call to get more help. Normally I will be the first one who receive the call, second would be her father.

Which shop would she spend the most time in a shopping mall?
Watson or Guardian, can you believe it? She likes to do groceries shopping in Watson or Guardian and would spend the entire afternoon in the shop until I started to mumble and drag her out from the shop. Between, she likes shoes and Vincci is a must go in the mall.

What would she have for breakfast?
We’re both not the breakfast type person, and she is very easy going when it comes to breakfast, normally a peace of bread or a cup of Milo/Coffee would make her satisfied, during weekend, we hardly wake up at the morning to enjoy the breakfast but if we do, “yum cha” at “Phoon Kee” Sri Petaling will be the first choice for both of us, normally a plate of fish ball and a bowl of porridge will make her satisfy.

What would she want to go for dinner?
Normally it is up to me to decide, when comes to dinner she is very easy going. She likes steamboat and one of her favorite steamboat restaurant is “Hou Hou Pulau Ketam seafood steamboat” in Sri Petaling. She can have it everyday without any problem at all. She loves Japanese food too, Sakae Sushi is her favorite place for dinner and Green Pea is a must eat for her

What kind of movie would she choose at the cinema?
Our taste in movie varies quite a bit, she is more to something bimbo and she hates to watch history movie. While I usually like something a bit more serious and a movie based on true history is definitely my favorite. We always have a hard time to choose which movie to watch but ended up not watching anyone. There was cases where I managed to convince her to watch my favorite movie, when the movie is ended, she would said “nice meh? You la, chose this kind of stupid movie.”

Describe her taste in music
Again, our taste varies. TakeThat, BoyZone, Jim Brickman, Kevin Kern and some 70s and 80s dominated her playlist and I managed to influence her to listen some of my favorites song recently..^^

If she wasn’t going out with you, who would she be going out with?
*ahem* The LRT guy I suppose? *cough* right baby?

What she good at?
She said she is good at baking, but I haven’t had a chance to taste it and she always has a lot of excuses due to laziness!!argh!

What she totally horrible at?
Poo management, when she needs to shit, she would do it regardless of the location, shopping mall, petrol station, restaurants have all been conquered by her before

What something that you two fundamentally disagree on?
For starters. We both constantly debate about where is the best part of Australia and I’ll say that the Sunshine state (Queensland) that I went for study is the best but she’ll argue that Melbourne (which she went) is the place to be in Australia. Too early to judge that baby, we will be going to Perth soon, who knows we both agree that Perth is the best part of Australia? Right? Perth, we are coming!! Yay!

What something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?
That we would name our son as “Maverick” and our daughter as “Melisa” and of course, our beloved Arsenal Football Club is the best club in the world!! Go Gunners!!!!

Why would she succeed in life?
She is smart and hardworking, she is hardworking than me when it comes to work, and she’ll make sure that the work is finished and always taking overtime to complete it. She set a very high target in her work and compliment from her superior makes her very happy and think the hard work pay off. I always think that she will be very important assets to the lucky boss and will be a good employee so please give her a salary raise!!

What is the coolest gift that she ever given to you?
Her heart

What does she avoid at all costs?
Trying to argue with me, sometimes it makes me mad when i wanna have a fight with her..

What does she spend the most money on?
Currently, she spends most of her mondey for the insurance. It's make her feel secure i guess...

Describe her typical Sunday
When she is in KL, we would usually wake up at around 10am, and usually spend 1-2 hours watching ESPN or Asia Food Channel together before dragging ourselves to bath. If she is in Bentong, normally we would wake up earlier to have breakfast with her parents and spend the day time to watch Astro and sleep. If she is in Ipoh, normally we’ll spend the whole day for shopping and I’m always so eager to bring her for some nice foods in Ipoh and convince her that Ipoh have the nicest food in Malaysia

Why would she be dangerous?
Cos she will ask something about your ex and pretend there is nothing but after 1-2 hours she will keep on questioning about your past and getting angry after that..-_-“

What something about her that would surprise your friends?
She can talk about footballs with your friends and surprise them with the knowledge of the football. Also she is able to identify the full name of the football players and their respective club and it had impressed my friends

Tell us about a time she looked absolutely gorgeous
She normally doesn’t get much time to dress up properly and do her hair. But she would spend at least an hour to decide a dress before going to work every morning.
Last December, during my sister wedding, she cut her hair short and does her hair, when she got everything ready, I was stunned but I didn’t tell her how gorgeous is she but I guess she knew cos my relatives all praised her and she felt very happy after that. :p

What do you love most about her?
For being so supportive with every single decision i made.
I love the way she loves me..and i hope she loves my way too...

The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your soulmate
Being with mimi makes my life complete. I'm so enjoy with the way she loves me and the moment we have spent together. Everything is about sharing and care, regardless of happy or sad, she is the one i wanna share with. I guess this is the definition of "Soulmate".

This is my 28 birthday and the 4th birthday that we have celebrated together. I love you baby and i couldn't wait to celebrate my remaining birthday together!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bangkok - Cruising along the Chao Phraya River

We visited the city of Bangkok last week. It was a 4d3n trip organized by Mike, and we joined in very last minute (we booked our air tickets on Thursday and departed from LCCT on Saturday morning).

Despites some protests or demonstrations and the declaration of emergency state in the city of Bangkok, we still managed to visit some of the interesting places.

One of the trips we had was the Chao Phaya River crusise. It was an interesting trip, the weather was extremely hot, though. We took a train to Taksin station and joined the river cruise.

As it was Songran festival that day, so there was a 30 baht off on the cruise tickets (Normal price is 150 baht, but we managed to get it at 120 baht).

Due to the hot weather and the liited time we had, we only managed to drop off at 2 stops, they are the stop at grand palace and Wat Arun.

There are some nice and tall buildings (some are offices and some are hotels) at the river side.

However, there are also some rumah tinggi too. What a contrast.

This is memorial bridge. Tourists can stop here to go to China town.

There are also many nice wat (temple) at the river side whereby toursits can drop off for sight seeing and photo shooting.

This is Wat Arun, one of the very well-known wat in Bangkok. Isn't it nice?
We did not manage to snap many photos, as our camera ran out of battery -__- Sigh...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bangkok - Preview - Ysmm is back from Bangkok

Dear our family, friends and readers,

Please do not worry about us. We are safe and sound and are finally back from Bangkok.

There was a flight delay, though :) Good night for now, and we'll blog more about our trip :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wedding Gowns Selection

During the weekend, dar and I went to the bridal house for wedding gown selection. The chosen gowns will be used for wedding photo shooting session in June. It is my very 1st time in my entire life to wear wedding gowns! I was so 'kan-jeong' lah!

It was a vey tiring day. I tried more than 30 gowns, but am only allowed to choose 8 (2 from the designer collection and 6 from the VIP collection)!! Argh!! what a tough decision to make!! Dar claimed that it was the toughest decision to make in my life -_- duh!

Basically, the gowns that I have tried are all very nice! And it's no surprise that it took me 2 days to make up my mind.
Oops, almost forget to mention, I did not choose the gowns in the photos above, as there are others that are so much nicer that them. I like the 2 gowns, though.


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