Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bangkok - Songkran Festival

Although the major Songkran Festival (a.k.a. Water Festival or Thai New Year) were called off in the heart of Bangkok, we celebrated our very first Songkran Festival in Bangkok.

It was a rather happening event, whereby the locals celebrated it together with tourists like us.

By looking at the streets in the city you will be able to tell how happening it was.

Mr. Hubby with his James Bond gun!

Mr. Hubby was very excited and happy playing with water.

*Splash* Mr. Hubby becomes the road bully, bullying the Tuk-Tuk passengers.

Everyone was happy playing with water. Some even splashed people with ICED water! Oooh!

Sunny and his Ultraman Water Splash gun. Isn't it cute?

There was a very cute tourist cycling with his snorkelling gear! LOL. It was funny.

The streets were crowded with people. We believe it would be much more happening and fun if the big events were not cancelled.

Everybody was fighting with whatever tools they have. Be it water gun, bowl, container, pail, bottle etc. WAR!

Generally, all of us enjoyed our Songkan celebration in Bangkok and have a real great fun!

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