Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wedding Gowns Selection

During the weekend, dar and I went to the bridal house for wedding gown selection. The chosen gowns will be used for wedding photo shooting session in June. It is my very 1st time in my entire life to wear wedding gowns! I was so 'kan-jeong' lah!

It was a vey tiring day. I tried more than 30 gowns, but am only allowed to choose 8 (2 from the designer collection and 6 from the VIP collection)!! Argh!! what a tough decision to make!! Dar claimed that it was the toughest decision to make in my life -_- duh!

Basically, the gowns that I have tried are all very nice! And it's no surprise that it took me 2 days to make up my mind.
Oops, almost forget to mention, I did not choose the gowns in the photos above, as there are others that are so much nicer that them. I like the 2 gowns, though.


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


u really looked good in that gowns!!

Thanks for promoting my blog! Thanks so much!


MSKY said...

pretty lo, which bridal shop is this?

Mei said...

The 2 gowns are so pretty! Can't wait to see you in other prettier gowns =)

YSMM said...

Zara: Thanks for the compliment...;)

MSKY: The bridal shop is from ipoh, called Bliss..;)

Mei Kuan: ya, all the gowns are really nice, we had a hard time to choose though..


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