Monday, March 09, 2009

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - The visit to Pulau Ketam

Ysmm visited Pulau Ketam with Mike, Elaine and Nini. Despite the incident happened, it was a good chance for us to try out our newly bought D60.

The weather was pretty good, in fact rather hot; we were grilled under the hot sun.

The return tickets to Pulau Ketam costs RM 14.00.

This is the fishery village of Pulau Ketam.

Due to the good weather, we managed to snapped some nice photos.

This is the fish landing area of Pulau Ketam.

This is how the salty fish is being processed in Pulau Ketam.

A chinese primary school in Pulau Ketam.

There are also temples in Pulau Ketam.

The 2 main activities for visitors in Pulau Ketam are cycling around the island and enjoying the fresh seafood.

A note to those who are planning your visit to Pulau Ketam, sunglass, hats/caps/umbrella and sunblock are definately some of the must-brings :)
You can take a boat to Pulau Ketam from Port Klang. Enjoy your trip!
P.S: Please bear with our photography as we are newbie to SLR.

How to get there from KL?
By train (KTM Komuter) it will take an hour and a half to Pelabuhan Kelang (Port Klang) from KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur. The train stops at every station and you will enjoying a nice trip through the Klang Valley. In Klang you will take the highspeed ferry to Pulau Ketam. Its only a half hour ride from Port Klang.


Daphne said...

nice photos ler :)

YSMM said...

Hi ayuen:

Thanks for the compliment..pls come back for more.:D

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