Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our 1st Property

After 4 years of waiting, we are going to get the key for our very first property - Koi Kinrara Suite @ Puchong Jaya.

Time flies, we still remember the moment when we've decided to purchase the condominium. There were a lot of discussions involved and thorough consideration and we are glad that we've made the right decision 4 years ago. It certainly worth the wait because the price has been shooting up for more than 40% since then and you certainly can't find the same type of property (1100 sqft under 200K at Puchong area) for the price that we actually paid for it around Klang Valley. =D

It also means that we need to start paying for the full installment instead of the interest every month, although it's going to set us back financially for a bit every month but thinking of the return in long run..we are satisfied. ;)

Here are some photos to share with everyone about our condo.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Making of 'Sweat with the Paddy' in Sekinchan's Paddy Fields

A Saturday at the paddy field

It was indeed our 1st visit to the paddy fields in Sekinchan. We were there for a photo shooting session, and it was a very exciting event. The weather was hot though...

The models (The stylish babes Ellie, Van & myself), practicing 'jump' for the shooting.

The photographers Kenny and Valen.

The lovely couple Ysmm *blush*

Mike and Elaine.
1/2 of the fields is harvested and the other 1/2 is not ;)

Practicing Catwalk at the paddy field.

The hot babes and their 'nests' (LOL).

The scene of how it is made. Our photographer crew was quite big! ;)

Stay tuned for more...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yet,it's another milestone

I started to work as a product analyst some time ago after I left AT. This would be another milestone in life for me...

What I am currently doing is very different from what I did before. Hence it would be a new challenge for me too.

Moreover, it's my very 1st time working in Multi-National Corporate (MNC) , so I felt a little nervous in the beginning -__-"

I find working in a MNC is very different from working in local companies, and I am not sure if the differences are good or bad.

So far things went well and I am doing good, and I hope they will continue to be good and I will excel in what I am doing too... *Finger crossed*

P/S: AT folks, you will be missed :) Argh, just notice there are some spelling mistakes in the photos uploaded -_-" Not foolsball but foosball.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"SAT in the City" @ Michael Angelo's

Went for an afternoon tea with the hot babes last Sunday @ Michael Angelo's.

Ah, we did not order desserts only but 3 sets of 3 course meals. We didn't take any photos of them though.

Photo time with the ladies. Dar jokes that we are the characters of "SAT in the city" - a Hongkee TV show, duh!

Upcoming event with the babes and the gang - photo session @ Sekinchan! Stay tuned!

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- Written by - MM

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

10th Gathering of 5s3

Time flies, and it has been 10 years (11 to be exact) since I graduated from high school.

We had a gathering the other day. Many thanks to some of my fellow classmates for taking the initiative to organize the meaningful event and getting everyone together for a reunion! Your efforts are very much appreciated!

Though only 60% of the invitees turned up, but it was indeed a very fun-filled and memorable event! And it is always good to see the old friends again! The feeling was simply amazing! We had fun like we used to be, and loads of sweet old memories just flashed back!

And, Kit Kit is still the king of 5s3, and he will always be. You guys and ladies rock!


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