Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - Finding Nemo @ Perhentian Island

One of the most exciting and memorable moments we had in Perhentian Island was the Finding Nemo (Crown Fish) moment.

Basically Nemo is everywhere in Perhentian Island.

They can be found under the sea or at the beach... Serious, Just right at the beach!

Video 1: Starring cute little Nemo

Oh you little Nemo, we were all amazed by your charm :D

Vedeo 2: Starring Mr. and Mrs. Nemo

Alright, that's all for now. More updates coming up soon!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Perhentian Island - Part 1

Finally, we're back from Perhentian Island. It was an extremely tiring trip and we were all exhausted. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed the trip.

Maybe you may wanna ask why was it THAT tiring? Alright lemme explain.
We drove to Kuala Besut (the jetty to Perhentian Island, and it's near to the Kelantan State border) from KL.

It was a super long journey, and it was around 10++ hours drive. Can you imagine driving/sitting in the car for 10 hours after work on a working Thursday eneving? We started driving on Thursday night and reached Kuala Besut Jetty at 7.30am. All our asses turned flat you see -___-
Nevertheless it's worth traveling so far.

CHECK THIS OUT! It's ONE of the fantastic videos we snapped during our snorkeling trip.

Video: Watch me!

Aww... Ain't it nice?!

---------- More Updates Coming Up Soon ----------

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Checklist - Our long waited trip to Perhentian

Checked √ 1. Snorkeling Mask and Goggles
Checked √ 2. Swimming trunk, colourful and flowery beachwear and sandals/slippers :D
Checked √ 3. Toiletries
Checked √ 5. Red Pillow
Checked √ 6. Honnie the puppy
Checked √ 7. Junk food and mineral water


Checked √ 8. Our newly bought Underwater Camera :D

Perhentian Island - the sunshine beach and snorkeling/diving paradise, we're coming!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cycling at Taman Botani, Putrajaya

On one fine day, Mike, Elaine, MM and myself went cycling at the Putrajaya Taman Botani (Botanical Garden). It was one of the best outdoor activities we have ever had in KL.

We arrived Taman Botani at around 9am...

Taman Botani captures in full colour the diversity of tropical flowering species. It's indeed a good place to rest and relax. It's a hassle-free place whereby you can really forget the city's hassles, have some exercise, enjoy the fantastic scenery and recharge yourselves.

Bicycles can be rented from the information center. We rented 2 mountain bikes and one 'so-called double-bike'.

It was really amazing seeing all those beautiful trees, flowers and green shrubs thriving on a hill overlooking a serene lake.

Admission Fee: FOC

Bicycle Rental: Mountain Bike: RM 4/ Bike

Bicycle Rental: Double Bike: RM 7/Bike

It was an amazing experience cycling at the lake side. We really enjoyed the fantastic scenery as well as the morning breeze...

Look! There are two duckies swimming in the lake!

Guess the duckies are a couple... The one swimming in front must be the hubby and the one behind must be his wife...

This is me and MM. Say Cheese :D

After cycling for about 2 hours, we stopped at a pondok made of attap leaves next to the lake and had a rest. We left the park at around 12noon.

For those who are interested in visiting Taman Botani, it is open to the public 9.00 am - 7.00pm daily. Do invite us along too!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Best Football Moment

Those who know me should know that I'm a die hard fan of Arsenal FC. When I first knew MM, I was surprised to know that she is also a fan of the gunners too! She started watching football since years ago, that was when Eric Cantona played for MU!

I still remember there was a day where both of us took a day leave to watch UEFA Champions League Final back in year 2005. It was Arsenal vs. Barcelona. It was one of the most memorable football moments ever, Arsenal lose in the game though.

Well, basically to me, the best football moment is actually not about watching your favourite football team playing or winning the games, but it is about watching them playing with the one that you love, esp. when he/she is a kaki bola and supports the same team that you do. I'm blessed that I've found one, and this would always be my best football moment :)

I was actually browsing some of the famous blogs earlier... The is actually a contest to win free tickets to watch Chelsea live in Malaysia, with title "My Best Football Moment". Wonder if I can use this entry to win MM and myself the tickets for the game?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Work Appraisal

Time flies, and it has been quite a while since I joined X Company. It's already July, and it's the month for work appraisal.

I believe this (work appraisal period) is the time that most of us, ordinary employees are looking for. As usually we will be appraised and then, get an increment$$ in salary :D Nonetheless, whenever there's work appraisal, we will certainly being thrown a set of questions and we are required to answer all them in order to get our increment :( Examples are:

  • What were your key responsibilities and achievements during the year?
  • what are your goals for the coming year?

  • What are your main motivation in your job? Why?
  • What are your main strengths that contribute to your work performance?
  • Based on your strengths, which area would you consider you can perform best and contribute most?
And the list goes on -____-!" And, if you notice, almost all organizations use the same or rather similar set to work appraisal questions.

Nevertheless, I suppose the management is known to the answers for all the above questions without being told by the employees... So can I choose not to answer them? -___- Anywayz, am still trying my best to answers the appraisal questions for the sake of $$ (increment). Can I answer the way that Dilbert did? Wonder if I will still get my increment if I really do so :D

Do/did you get the same questions as mine? What was the toughest question being thrown to you before? Feel free to share.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Upcoming Trip to Pulau Perhentian

July 13, 14, 15... 25, 12 more days to go!! We really can't wait for our trip to Perhentian Island!
This will be our 3rd snorkeling trip together!

To-Do List before the trip:
  1. Go swimming at Stadium Bukit Jalil at least once, as it has been more than a year since we went swimming. (And, that's what MM usually does before any trip to the seaside/beach)
  2. Go shop for so to speak swimsuit or rather beach wear... Cos my swimming trunk is way too sexy for the trip -___-
  3. And lastly, work hard hard so that we can play kao kao during our trip :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Melbourne - The Nobbies boardwalk

Phillip Island Nature Park is renowned as home to one of Australia's most popular wildlife attractions, where visitors can experience wildlife in its natural environment.

One of the tourist attractions managed by Phillip Island Nature Park the Nobbies. It is also known as the Seal Rock.

The Nobbies Centre (Seal Rock), home to the largest fur seal colony in Australia. Look, I really don't know why but I really find the colour of the sea is so 'blue'!

We did not manage to see any seals though -_-

Nevertheless, we were amazed by the fantastic scenery of Seal Rock. Not only the sea water is very blueish, the sky is very clear and blue too! And I really don't think we can find such blue sea in Malaysia... Aww... ain't it nice?


Oops, caught in the act -__-!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - Makan-Makan in Penang

Went to Penang with my family to have a look on my brother-in-law's apartment located at Bukit Jambul. It has been 8 years since my last visit to Penang with my buddies in college. When we passed by the penang bridge and enjoyed the beautiful scenary I realized Penang has changed a lot.

There were many beautiful buildings and newly builded shop houses everywhere and it gave me a feeling that Penang has become tidier (I used to think that Penang has very narrow street and messy environment).

I believe that the first impression that comes into peoples mind about Penang is their mouth watering hawker foods (i know, i know Penang is now DAP's territory, no offence ya), for instance Char Kuey Teoh, Hokkien Mee (AKA Har-Mee) and not forgetting the all-time favourite Asam Laksa.
Here are some photos taken during our lunch at one of the hawker centre.

Yummy Yummy!!

However, we didn't manage to visit Gurney Drive to have a food hunt due to limited time but don't worry, my baby and I are planning to visit Penang again and we shall be there again somewhere in August or September.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

McDonald's Olympic Day Run

It was a very tiring but meaningful Sunday ;) I participated in a day run organized by McDonalds... It was called Mcdonald's Olympic Day Run.

Fee: RM 10.00 (and I got a McD running T and a cap in return)

Meeting/Start Point: Dataran Merdeka (Photo was taken at 7am)

Event Date/Time: June 29, 2008, 7.30am

Distance: 7km

Surprisingly, I was the first 120 who finished the run, and I got a cert from McD! :D

Certs were given to first 120 participants who finished the run.
Some of the photos were grabbed from a friend's blog.


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