Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Zanmai Japanese Restaurant

Both of us were so so so craving for Japanese food recently! Of the Japanese we had recently, we would like to give a credit to the Zanmai Restaurants!

There are two Zanmai Japanese restaurants; they are 'Sushi Zanmai' which sells 'I-think-they-are-authentic' Japanese food and 'Pasta Zanmai' which sells fusion Japanese+Italianese food. Their Japanese food are simply gorgeous are the food prices are reasonably competitive! Um, Pasta Zanmai is a little pricey as compared to Sushi Zanmai.

Here are some photos for sharing.
Image 1-2: Sushi Zanmai

The unagi is simply gorgeous! and it is no doubt one of my favourite food from the restaurant!
Green tea ice cream - Sunny says it is simply delicious~

Image 3-5: Pasta Zanmai
Went there with a couple of my colleagues the other day!

My favourite food there is no other but the scallop pizza! Thumbs up!!

Other than my favourite scallop pizza, the rest of the foods were very good too! Look at the photos, aren't the food tempting?! Aww...

Monday, August 23, 2010

I am a certified first aider :D

Some time ago, I attended a 2-Day training on occupational 1st aid and CPR. Thanks to YS, as I was inspired by him so I participated in the training. FYI, YS was a St. John Ambulance member back in high school. Being part of the St. John team, of course YS was a certified 1st aider too.

Back to the topic, yes finally I got my 1st aider card today! Yippey! I passed all the 2 assessments (1st aid + CPR) and 1 test (multiple choice)! *Flying*

The course was sponsored by the company that I am working in, and the 1st aider pass only valid for two years. It was a very meaningful and fruitful training. I learned how important 1st aid is in saving one's life, esp. in emergency.

The cert and 1st aider card I got today ;-)

Below are some photos taken during the training for sharing...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Causeway Bay Spicy Crab - Outing with high school mates

Finally we had our long-waited gathering at Causeway bay Spicy Crab - The Hongkee Crabby place owned by Irene's hunny.

Thanks to Xiao Ying for organising it! Welcome back to Malaysia, it is for a short period of time though :) It was a great night out and I believe everybody had a great time!

To Irene, Tik, Kai Loon, Thai Hung, Xiao Ying, Yen Erh, Chin Hong, Hock Soon, Jonny & Mike:
Please click to view the photos in their original size. You may also download them too. Enjoy. :)

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Condominium @ Puchong Jaya for rent

We decided to let our new condominium unit @ Koi Kinrara for some reasons.

Location: Puchong Jaya
Type : Service Condominium
Total Built-up Area : 1,072 sq.ft.
Others: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms & 1 Car parking space

Please visit the ads posted at (click here) for more information. Kindly contact us if you are interested in renting our unit or would like to find out more about it. Contact information can be found here.

The above image depicts the floor plan of the unit for rent. Please do spread this ads for us, we appreciate it!


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