Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perth - The Pinnacles Dessert

During our visit to Perth, we visited to the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles is contained within Nambung National Park, near the town of Cervantes.

Yeah, as shown in the photo, Pinnacles is a dessert. However, it is very different from the ordinary dessert like Sahara. The meaning of Pinnacles are limestone formations.

The Pinnacles were formed through the preservation of casts of trees buried in coastal aeolianites where roots became groundwater conduits, resulting in precipitation of indurated (hard) calcrete. Subsequent wind erosion of the aeolianite would then expose the calcrete pillars.

As it was a free & easy trip, hence we hired a 'sport car' to the Pinnacles. Initially we booked a medium sedan (Range of Mitsubishi Galon and Toyota Altis), however the cars were fully reserved hence the car hire company gave us a sport car instead.

As it was our very first time driving a sport car, we were very excited and started posing with the nice car.

MM even posed like a model -_-"

The weather was extremely good on the day we visited the Pinnacles, and I believe you can tell like the clear blue sky.

The sky was so clear and there was not even a single piece of cloud!

So, you may wonder, was it very hot and dry in the dessert?

Okay, it was rather dry, but it wasn't hot at all. In fact in was rather windy, and the weather was about 20°C. We believe the UV was rather high, though.

If you are planning your visit to Perth and the Pinnacles, you may consider hiring a car instead of joining the day tour, as it is rather cost-saving, and you can enjoy your journey to the dessert.

Driving to Pinnacles from Perth CBD takes about 3.5-4 hours. Follow Great Eastern Highway and then to Great Northern Highway, and turn left to Brand Highway. It was a bloody long way...Australia is a large country. If you have time you could stop by a place called Lancelin for sand boarding too. We did not have the time for Lancelin, though.


Time for adult act. Oops!

Below is for your information:
1) The Pinnacles Desert on Google Map:

View Larger Map

2) If you are driving to the Pinnacles Desert, you can consider to stop by a town called Lancelin - A town near to the sea and you can do sand boarding there! It is located in between the desert and Perth CBD and below is the map on how to get there from Perth for sharing:

View Larger Map

3) If you plan to visit the Pinnacles without stopping at Lancelin, below is the map for sharing:

View Larger Map

4) You can hire a car in Perth at or at as low as AUD29 per day.


dreamydolls said...

ohh... nice.. i want to go too.. how much does it cost to get there by driving ourself ya... gonna visit there next month.. can give me some info about perth..

YSMM said...

Hi Dreamdolls:

Thanks for visiting our blog. Here is some info regarding Perth that we hope it might be helpful for you to plan your itenerary

You may consider to self drive to all the attraction points in Perth.It is much more cheaper especially if you are travelling on a group basis. Driving
in Perth with valid Malaysian driving license is permitted however please follow the rules when you are driving. Pay close attention to the speed limit, Australian police enforce a very strict rules on speed limit and if offended, the price could be costly.

The cost of hiring a car is ranging from AUD40-AUD100 depending on the size of the car and also type you desire. All the car rental company (Budget, Hertz, Avis etc) is located at Hay Street which is Perth CBD,
you may compare the price by visiting a few car rental company before making any decision, the distance of all these car rental company is walkable and getting around Perth CBD by Perth's CityCat is FREE!
It is strongly recommended to purchase the insurance as well to give yourself a little bit more coverage because you are travelling on a foreign land, any unfortunate things could burn a hole in your wallet, so better buy it!

Western Australia is the biggest state in Australia, so driving from one attraction to another is quite a distance, so this is highly recommended that you allocate 1 full day for each attraction point that you're going to visit.
For places like Wave Rock or Margaret River, do consider to stay overnight at the town nearby while for Pinnacles and Fremantle, you can make it in one day. For other places like Monkey Mia, please don't drive, take a plane instead!!!

Food wise, we do not have any specific recommendation but if possible, please try out their Vietnamese cuisine in Perth, they are a few good one in Perth's China Town and their taste awesome!

Feel free to ask us any questions, We will try our best to bring an answer for you, if something that we cannot answer, we can help you to find out
from our relatives in Perth.



Cath J said...

Great photo!!!!

abe said...

very nice photos, especially mimi in the car mirror. superb! keep it up my fren!

YSMM said...

Cath J: Thanks!

abe: Thanks for the compliment! Let's learn together..;)

dreamydolls said...

ohh.. thanks for the infomations... gonna fly soon.. 3 more days to go and yet i haven book anything yet.. and thanks for the advice. i guess i will just have a self drive trip to the desert than.. thanks

YSMM said...

Dreamdolls: Have a pleasant journey..cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

That was an interesting vacation u had. I saw your pictures with the red sporty car which caught my attention the most. So i would like to know how much it cost for that kind of car, fuel consumption etc. Do you have contact for the car rental you rent if it is ;)

Anonymous said...

Great photos you have taken during your Melbourne trip.

Did you use your Malaysian driving license as it is without the need to make any translation to English when you use it in Australia?

I have plans to go over there in Oct 2010. Plan for self drive to Great Ocean Drive, Philip Island, etc..


mrhuckle said...

the road from perth to nambung national park, is it sealed, mapped and gazetted road? or.. is it off-road driving?

the car that u guys rent, can drive off-road (on pinnacle dessert land) mehh? do we need to get permission from car agent for that?

hope u can reply soon. thnx


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