Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bangkok - The Chinatown

Another must-visit place in Bangkok is definitely the China town. The Chinatown in Bangkok is a rather happening place, and they are open at night too.

Hence, it is no doubt one of the best places for food hunting!

China town is accessible by the underground MRT.

What makes Bangkok's Chinatown different from others?

Bingo! They sell bird nest and shark fin soup everywhere in china town at rather reasonable prices.

Basically there are a lot of hawker stalls selling bird nest and shark fin soup in china town. Yeah, they do sell bird nest and shark fin at hawker stalls, and there are lotsa em'! No kidding -.-"

Oh well, do we look du-lan? Alright, the weather was rather hot that night okay, and we were all hungry and very eager to try the bird nest soup ordered.

Here comes the bird nest soup. Does it look tempting? Hmm...

Information Sharing Corner:
1) How to get there?
It is accessible by the underground (MRT) - Hua lamphong station, then either you get a taxi or walk (15-20 mins) from the station to Chinatown.

2) You can also find out more on Bangkok Chinatown at

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