Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Malacca : Makan-makan Trip

Last weekend, we visited the historical city of Malacca for 'makan-makan'.

As it was a public holiday (Agung's birthday), hence the traffic was terribly bad.

Due to the crawling traffic at north-south highway, we took more than 2 hours just to travel from Serdang to Seremban.

Hence, the total journey took close to 3 hours. WTF!

Upon exiting Ayer Keroh toll, our stomach had started to make noise; so we headed to 'Restaurant Lee' for our lunch. The lunch was simply great!

We ordered the same old dishes we had during our last visit to Malacca, and they tasted really delicious. Thumbs up!

After lunch, we headed to Jonker Street for our all-time favourite 'Chendol Gula Melaka'. And it was another hour jam from Ayer Keroh to Malacca town.

We wondered why was everybody visiting Malacca on that day, or is Malacca always crowded with people on weekends? We really wonder...

Besides having Chendol to chill us up on the extremely-hot day, we also managed to do some shoppings at the Jonker Street too.

While MM and family were doing their shopping, I spent my own sweet time taking some photos, and at the same time, practice my photography skills.

Hope you enjoy watching em'. I'm learning, and hope to pick up the shooting skills from day to day.

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