Sunday, October 05, 2008

Malacca Trip - All about 'Makan'

Basically our trip to Malacca was all about makan-makan :D 好吃!! Guess we have put on a few kilos after the trip :X

Besides the must-eats, for example, Satay Celup,

our all-time favourite Chendol with Gula Malacca,

and the very appetizing the Nyonya Dishes...

we would like to recommend our new found love - Restaurant LEE (肥李). It's located at Ayer Keroh (near to Jusco). As stated in the above pic - 'We Sell Quality, not sell quantity', basically Restaurant LEE is a Chinese Restaurant that sell high quality food. Even 食神涛涛 from Hong Kong,My FM DJ 林德荣,颜微恩 etc. tasted the very yummylicious foods at Restaurant LEE before.

Restaurant Lee's Chef Recommendation: Cheese Bihoon (芝士生虾米粉)

Another Chef Recommendation: Fresh Cream Crabs (奶油螃蟹)

Basically Cheese Bihoon and Fresh Cream Crabs are the must-eat at Restaurant LEE. If you're planning to visit Malacca, you may try them too! Believe us, they were REALLY HO JIAK!! They don't look tempting in the pictures, though. Nonetheless, they taste real good! Thumbs up!!


haan said...

anson, did u catch up with KH??

Kuntong said...

OMG! i wan the satay celup!!!!

YSMM said...

Hi WH,
I did not catch up with KH as I did not have time to...

Hi Kuntong,
Thanks for visit our blog. Satay Celup is nice, it would be better if they serve Chendol with Gula Malacca there :D


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