Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Malacca Trip - 'Jonker-Walking' :D

Jonker Walk is definitely one of the places that should not be missed when visiting Malacca - the Historical Town.

The weather was just nice (it was a gloomy day but it did not rain) on the day we visited Malacca, and we felt rather comfortable doing our shopping, sight-seeing and makan-ing there :D

A vast variety of souvenirs and nice foods can be found here.

For instance, the very-cute stationaries,

and all-ladies-like accessories...

as well as a wide variety of key chain and cellphone accessories etc...

Not forgetting the very well-known and must-buy freshy baked pineapple cookies! Yummy!!

Last but not least, let us show ya our newly bought couple tee, I Love Darling! Cute huh?! :D

1 comment:

afternoon tea said...

hehe, indeed the couple tees look perfectly nice on both of you :) Kin's I love Msia tee is not bad too ... :D


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