Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pre-Wedding Phobia?

Sorry for not being able to blog recently. We have not forgotten our blog. Nonetheless, we are very busy and our schedule is tied up with our wedding preparation.

'You don't want to get married twice after all the troubles in preparing a memorable wedding and the amount of the money you've spent or going to spend.' This is a Quote from someone... us..? or perhaps me..? Well... who cares.

Despite the money spent, (85% of our savings are gone now, sigh) we find wedding is very troublesome, no kidding. And, Chinese wedding is even more troublesome, especially when your parents are very demanding and they are the 'just-follow-rules' kind of people.

If you ask me what is a wedding to me...? Well, it is supposed to be a new beginning of another chapter in life for a couple, and hence it shall be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that shall be remembered for the entire life of the couple. However, in order to start the new chapter in life, the couple need to go through lotsa lotsa obstacles (that's right, wedding preparation) that are trying to challenge the couple's patient. Okay I am about to exploit!

Besides, guest list is always an issue. Seriously, it evolves just like the earth! Our KL guest list started from 25 tables to 33 tables, and to 43 tables now. Even the reception venue booked cannot accommodate this amount of people and we need to look for alternatives. This is seriously crazy!

Luckily things are so far going well in Ipoh. Thank god. (Just in case if you do not know, we have 2 wedding receptions, one in KL and another in Ipoh. Hence we need to take care of our family, friends & relatives at two locations.)

Seriously, I do not enjoy the process, not at all. Maybe I have got pre-marriage phobia. It is so stressful and sometimes things just pissed me off.

I always question myself recently... 'Is this what I want?'; 'Is everybody facing the same situation as we are now?'; 'Is it worth it to spend all our savings just for a wedding?';blah blah blah... and the list goes on.

These questions keep bugging me, and I am just so tensed!! Sometimes I wonder how nice it would be if the money is spent on our honeymoon...?

Sigh I really don't know. I'm trying so hard to gain some, at least a little excitement, but I just find it is so hard... Sigh... God bless us please. I need a break. What I am longing for is actually the pre-honeymoon in Phuket right after our wedding. How sad it is.

Written by MM

P/S: P1W1max sucks!


Anson Lee said...

Sorry baby. Let's take it easy from now on.:)

Daphne said...

ya, cheer up mimi! =)
Things are not so bad as they seem.

YSMM said...

Thank ayuen, I'll be fine ;)
How's ur preparation? Saw your pre-wedding photos... sweet ;)


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