Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wedding Preparation - Guest List & Other Stuff

Life's been rather busy recently. Apart from busy compiling the receptions' guest list, we also made a decision, that is to rent an apartment nearby the place where we are staying now, as the condo we bought is still under construction and not ready for us to move in.

Here is our checklist in August:
  • Book accommodation for our relatives and friends - Done
  • Compile our Wedding Guest List - Partially Done
  • Learn Photoshop to touch-up some of our wedding photos before they can be printed into album - Not Done
  • Build/ Come out with our wedding site - Done
  • Shop for necessary stuffs for our new home; i.e. furniture, electrical-ware, kitchen-ware etc - Partially Done
  • Clean the new home and ready to move in - Partially Done
  • Pack our stuff to shift to the new home - Not Done
  • What's next? Our minds are empty now
Shifting is messy. Shopping for the new home already gives us a headache. What to buy? What not to buy? Our shopping list is restricted by the budget we have.

From furniture like Sofa TV cabinet, beds, tables, dining set, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, to electricalware like Washing machine, Fridge, Rice Cooker, Air-Cond, Microwave Oven, Hair dryer, Iron, Ironing Board and other small small thingy like pails, broom, dustbin, mirror etc etc... The "What to buy? What not to buy?" questions are still bothering us.

Besides headache, it also gives is a heartache. What a great damage it causes to our wallet. Oh my! Gotta work extra hard to earn the money back!

Despite the busy schedule, we managed to come out with our wedding website. Thanks to for providing such a wonderful tool, it is very user-friendly and most importantly, it's 100% free XD

Herewith is the URL to our wedding page:

Feel free to drop by and leave us some words ;) And, for our friends, esp. the INVITED ONES who have yet to confirm your attendence to our wedding reception, kindly do so via the RSVP page on our wedding portal. Thanks mates.

What's next? Yeah can finally recall now, after urging you for the confirmation of RSVP ;P What's next is our checklist in September
  • Red Wine Tasting, Selection & Purchase - Not Done
  • Food Tasting - Not Done
  • Table (Head) Count Confirmation with both Tai Thong Ipoh and Concorde KL - Not Done
  • Printing of Wedding Invitation Cards - Not Done
  • Wedding Gown Selection (On actual day & Wedding Receptions) - Not Done

Oh my! Wedding is tiring! Chinese Wedding is even more tiring!!

P/S: My long-lost Engagement Ring is finally found, after it went missing in action for ages!! Yesh!!


dreamydolls said...

haven been to ur blog for sometime d... CONGRATULATIONS.....

dreamydolls said...

and sorry to ask... that can i attend ur wedding.. as in just take some photo.. than i will go.. coz i'm learning wedding photograph... it's ok that.. if u are not comfortable..

YSMM said...

Hi dreamdolls:

Yes. You are welcomed to attend and capture the moments for us with the condition you've to share it with us.



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