Monday, August 03, 2009

Perth - Fremantle

Fremantle is the port city of Perth Western Australia. Fremantle, unlike many Australian cities preserved its heritage buildings.

We visited Fremantle on a Sunday when we were in Perth. Fremantle is a popular spot, particularly at weekends when you will find markets, entertainment and plenty of alfresco style cafes and eateries.

Jen and Shin suggested to have a seafood dinner at Fremantle. Before we headed to the all-time favourite restaurant of theirs, we had a walk at the seaside.

The scenery was fantastic, and we had a great time there.

We also spent some time shopping at the Fremantle Market (Freo Market). Generally, in terms of things they sell at the Freo market, we find it is rather similar to The Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, just that it is slightly smaller than Victoria Market.

They sell foods, fruits, vegetables, kitchen utensils, handmade art crafts, souvenirs etc.

Time passed really fast and it was already dinner time. Jen brought us to Cicerello's Landing, a well-known seafood restaurant at Fremantle. According to Jen, they open daily till midnight, and hence has become one of the places that they love to hang out at night. (FYI, shops usually close at 5.30pm in Perth.

We ordered quite a lot of foods, and needless to say, we left Fremantle with very-fulled stomach!

Freo is about 18-20KM from Perth city, and is accesible by cat bus from the city. Alternatively, you may drive to Freo, too. If you have time, you can also try fishing at Freo, it is one of the favourite activities of MM's aunt ;)

Below are some information for sharing:
1) Map - From Perth CDB to Frementle - by car

View Larger Map

2) Frementle Freo Market Official Website -

3) How to go to Freo Market by train:
3.1) From Perth Train Station, take Fremantle Line To Fremantle Station.
3.2) When you arrive @ Frementle Station, do the following:
3.2.1) Head southwest on Phillimore Street
3.2.2) Turn left to stay on Phillimore Steet
3.2.3) Turn right at Market Steet

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