Monday, August 10, 2009

Perth - Wine Tasting at Swan Valley

Perth is also known as the Swan City. It is a beautiful city with quite a number of lakes. Perhaps it is also known as the Lake City, too.

According to cousin Jen, black swans can be found in almost all lakes or river in Perth. Generally Perth only has one main river, which is also named after swan. Yeah that's right, the Swan River, duh.

I suppose almost all Australians are animal lovers. Can you imagine black swans walking and swimming around in, say Tasik Titiwangsa in KL? What a beautiful scene. Nonetheless, I can assure you it can never happen here in KL, or Malaysia, because if we do have swans swimming around in Titiwangsa, surely they will become 'Angsa Panggang' or Roasted Swans, no kidding ok -__-!!

Nah, forget about the crap, that's just for a laugh. The beautiful photos above were taken at Swan River of Perth - while we were on our way to the Swan Valley for wine tasting.


According to Sunny - To taste if the quality, 1st you smell it, then you have a small sip of it... then you smell again... then you have another small sip...

Due to the limited time we have, we only managed to visit 6-8 wineries out of (more than) 60. However it was sufficient enough to get us drunk. Both YS and Sunny had had more than 10 glasses of wine all together!! How satisfying!

Our recommendations:
1) Pinelli Wines -
2) Sandalford Wines -

Needless to say, we also bought some bottles of wine. We experienced a very beautiful sunset there! Loves it!

Information Sharing Corner:
1) Swan Valley official website -
2) Swan Valley wineries map in PDF format is available here -
3) To get there (Swan Valley) from Perth CDB by car:

View Larger Map
4) You can hire a car in Perth at or at as low as AUD29 per day.

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