Monday, April 26, 2010

My 1st Marbel Cake Made

I baked my very 1st marble cake at last! Thanks to dar for his sharing his ideas in making the 'marble' in the cake! Wink >_^ Baking a marble is easy, it is just like adding the 'marble thingy' in the normal butter cake :p

1. Self-raising flour (200g)
2. 4 eggs

The self-raising flour has to be shifted.

3. Baking paper is also a must-have to ease the after-baked cleaning work (I admit I am lazy)

4. Cocoa powder (1-2 table spoons will do), to be mixed with the batter later (batter: 100-150g).
5. Butter (220g)
6. Caster Sugar (200g)

Alright, I am about to start!
Beat the butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
Add in eggs, one at a time, and beat em'!

Then, add in shifted self-raising flour and beat till light & fluffy. (Argh, my hands were so numb after beating em' for quite a while. See, the batter is simply so smooth~ It is ready to be spread in the container.

Next, add in the cocoa batter and mix em' with the batter. This is where dar's way in making a marble cake come into the picture. He suggested to used knife (in this case I am using a chopstick) to mix the cocoa batter with the 'non-cocoa batter' ;)

Okay done! Bake it for 40 minutes (180◦C). Oven pre-heat at the same temperature is required before baking the cake.

Waiting... Waiting... and waiting...

Ding! My freshly baked marble cake!

Dar is ready to try em'!

I think it tasted simply delicious! Though dar it could have tasted better, softer and more tender if the batter was stirred & mixed by him, cos he is more powerful than I am -_-"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday to YS

18th April. Its my 29th birthday and also my first birthday celebrating together with MM after our official wedding ceremony last year. MM had secretly prepared 2 birthday gifts for me this year.

I've got

1) A Seiko 5 Automatic Watch 23 Jewels. I have been always wanted to have an automatic watch which is durable for outdoor activities and also maintainance free watch. I always feel amazed and impressed with how all the small components can fit and work together without any electronic components. Well, It's a dream comes true for me and I like the watch very much. I've got a Seiko Chronograph from her 2 years ago and It's still working perfectly. I always believe a good watch can last for life and can even pass it on from generation to generation. Thank you baby and I have more choices now to decide a watch to work every day. :D

2) A Nikon SB-600 Speed Light. This is totally unexpected! though I had think about to get myself a flash gun before but I had never put it into actual action due to Procrastination until she gave this beauty to me last week. I need sometimes to learn how to capture nice photo using the flash gun and I actually struggled to make it work for the first time until I realized that the batteries were actually dried off. -_-"

Thank you baby and I know the gifts are ain't cheap. I promise there will be more Coach for you in the future. ;D
p/s: Life is great when you there is someone who cares.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

2010 - Hope for the Better

Time passes very quickly, and it is already the 4th month (April already!!) in year 2010. If you realized, our blog has been left abandon for the past few months. Reasons were:
  1. I was very busy with work, I involved in one of the national projects which time line was very tight, and hence I was required to work OT almost everyday, sometimes even on weekends. Thank god, it is finally over. However, I have a rather strange feeling, I don't why, but I miss the project, I miss the people that I have been working with for the past few months in the project. Sigh.
  2. Dar on the other hand, needed to take care of almost all the house work due my busyness at work. I felt guilty for not being able to spend time with him after we got married last year :'(
  3. Dar's father suffered from a heart attack; while my dad suffered from a mild stroke (for the 2nd time) this year :(
It seems to me Year 2010 hasn't been a good year for us and our family. Sigh. Let's just hope things will be fine and everything will be back on track. I also hope that I can find a balance between work and life so that I can spend more time with dar and our families.

Let's talk about something happy. Time flies, and this year's CNY also ended very quickly. It was indeed the 1st year for the both of us to start giving 'Ang Pow' (Red Packets) to our unmarried friends and relatives.

And in Chinese tradition, the newly weds shall give 'double Ang Pow' the 1st year they got married! OMG -_x

Opps, sorry for changing the topic, as I just got these photos downloaded from the camera SD card. 'Kesian' the photos for being stored in the SD card for 2 months -_-|| So I want to share them with you here :)

Btw, this little fella is 'Feng Feng', the cutie pie of one of our ex-colleagues. She brought him to our CNY gathering. He is so cute, isn't he?

Cheers, he got 'tipu' by the 'Mamee bait' on my hand (see photo 1) and had no choice but to be forced taking a photo with me, hehe.

Alright, gotta sign off now. Night everybody.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Goodbye to our baby :'(

It was a tough day for both dar and myself. A few weeks ago, we made an important decision...

We decided to let go our beloved 'Little Red' whom has been our good companion for the past few years. 'Little Red' was a present from my dad on my graduation. We felt extremely bad for making such decision, but... we did for some reasons...

The day has come... and it's time for us to hand in our little one to the new owner. We felt so hard to let her go. Sigh...

Look at her, isn't she cute? Hope she can find someone who loves her as much as we do. Goodbye babe, you will stay in our heart, forever :'(

Then, we bring our new baby home :)


Today is also a big day for one of my besties Ellie. She looks gorgeous today!

Babe, wish you love and happiness, and may you be blessed in the new chapter in life with Steven. Happy Wedding babe!


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