Monday, April 26, 2010

My 1st Marbel Cake Made

I baked my very 1st marble cake at last! Thanks to dar for his sharing his ideas in making the 'marble' in the cake! Wink >_^ Baking a marble is easy, it is just like adding the 'marble thingy' in the normal butter cake :p

1. Self-raising flour (200g)
2. 4 eggs

The self-raising flour has to be shifted.

3. Baking paper is also a must-have to ease the after-baked cleaning work (I admit I am lazy)

4. Cocoa powder (1-2 table spoons will do), to be mixed with the batter later (batter: 100-150g).
5. Butter (220g)
6. Caster Sugar (200g)

Alright, I am about to start!
Beat the butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
Add in eggs, one at a time, and beat em'!

Then, add in shifted self-raising flour and beat till light & fluffy. (Argh, my hands were so numb after beating em' for quite a while. See, the batter is simply so smooth~ It is ready to be spread in the container.

Next, add in the cocoa batter and mix em' with the batter. This is where dar's way in making a marble cake come into the picture. He suggested to used knife (in this case I am using a chopstick) to mix the cocoa batter with the 'non-cocoa batter' ;)

Okay done! Bake it for 40 minutes (180◦C). Oven pre-heat at the same temperature is required before baking the cake.

Waiting... Waiting... and waiting...

Ding! My freshly baked marble cake!

Dar is ready to try em'!

I think it tasted simply delicious! Though dar it could have tasted better, softer and more tender if the batter was stirred & mixed by him, cos he is more powerful than I am -_-"

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