Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday to YS

18th April. Its my 29th birthday and also my first birthday celebrating together with MM after our official wedding ceremony last year. MM had secretly prepared 2 birthday gifts for me this year.

I've got

1) A Seiko 5 Automatic Watch 23 Jewels. I have been always wanted to have an automatic watch which is durable for outdoor activities and also maintainance free watch. I always feel amazed and impressed with how all the small components can fit and work together without any electronic components. Well, It's a dream comes true for me and I like the watch very much. I've got a Seiko Chronograph from her 2 years ago and It's still working perfectly. I always believe a good watch can last for life and can even pass it on from generation to generation. Thank you baby and I have more choices now to decide a watch to work every day. :D

2) A Nikon SB-600 Speed Light. This is totally unexpected! though I had think about to get myself a flash gun before but I had never put it into actual action due to Procrastination until she gave this beauty to me last week. I need sometimes to learn how to capture nice photo using the flash gun and I actually struggled to make it work for the first time until I realized that the batteries were actually dried off. -_-"

Thank you baby and I know the gifts are ain't cheap. I promise there will be more Coach for you in the future. ;D
p/s: Life is great when you there is someone who cares.


KY said...

that's a nice looking seiko 5!

Ysmm said...

Hi KY, Thanks for dropping by. We are your reader. :D


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