Monday, June 22, 2009

Mari Makan Durians~

We went back to hometown last weekend. Guess what? It is again the beginning of durian season in Bentong, and my uncle just brought us some durians!

Do they look tempting? LOL! Needless to say, we had a very satisfying durian meal! *Burp* =D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perth - The Pinnacles Dessert

During our visit to Perth, we visited to the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles is contained within Nambung National Park, near the town of Cervantes.

Yeah, as shown in the photo, Pinnacles is a dessert. However, it is very different from the ordinary dessert like Sahara. The meaning of Pinnacles are limestone formations.

The Pinnacles were formed through the preservation of casts of trees buried in coastal aeolianites where roots became groundwater conduits, resulting in precipitation of indurated (hard) calcrete. Subsequent wind erosion of the aeolianite would then expose the calcrete pillars.

As it was a free & easy trip, hence we hired a 'sport car' to the Pinnacles. Initially we booked a medium sedan (Range of Mitsubishi Galon and Toyota Altis), however the cars were fully reserved hence the car hire company gave us a sport car instead.

As it was our very first time driving a sport car, we were very excited and started posing with the nice car.

MM even posed like a model -_-"

The weather was extremely good on the day we visited the Pinnacles, and I believe you can tell like the clear blue sky.

The sky was so clear and there was not even a single piece of cloud!

So, you may wonder, was it very hot and dry in the dessert?

Okay, it was rather dry, but it wasn't hot at all. In fact in was rather windy, and the weather was about 20°C. We believe the UV was rather high, though.

If you are planning your visit to Perth and the Pinnacles, you may consider hiring a car instead of joining the day tour, as it is rather cost-saving, and you can enjoy your journey to the dessert.

Driving to Pinnacles from Perth CBD takes about 3.5-4 hours. Follow Great Eastern Highway and then to Great Northern Highway, and turn left to Brand Highway. It was a bloody long way...Australia is a large country. If you have time you could stop by a place called Lancelin for sand boarding too. We did not have the time for Lancelin, though.


Time for adult act. Oops!

Below is for your information:
1) The Pinnacles Desert on Google Map:

View Larger Map

2) If you are driving to the Pinnacles Desert, you can consider to stop by a town called Lancelin - A town near to the sea and you can do sand boarding there! It is located in between the desert and Perth CBD and below is the map on how to get there from Perth for sharing:

View Larger Map

3) If you plan to visit the Pinnacles without stopping at Lancelin, below is the map for sharing:

View Larger Map

4) You can hire a car in Perth at or at as low as AUD29 per day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st Anniversary + Random Post

A while ago, we just celebrated our very 1st anniversary after our ROM.

Dar bought me a hand bouquet and it was sent to my office. Surprised!! This was very sweet and I was a lil' touched *sob sob*

Below are some random photos of our pets taken on the same day.

I posted em' here.., cos I find my puppy lil' Yellow is very photogenic :D Isn't he cute?

I never realized it until dar shot some nice photos of him -_-"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pre-Weds Photo Session... Continue

During a pre-wedding photo session, a beautiful bride usually takes longer time for make-up than a groom.

Hence, while waiting for my Ms. Lovely Wife for her hair-do and makeup, I started to play around with my toy - that was to take photos around.

And here are some random shots..,

Noticed that her right eye was a lil' redish, it was due to allergy.

Finally... here comes my gorgeous wife, and we were ready for the shooting session.

Written by,

--Updated on June 16, 2009 by MM--

Talking about the wedding photo session, our wedding package comes with 8 poses or styles, hence it may take a whole day for the photo shooting. The photo session was supposed to be done in one day, however, we were a lil' unlucky on the 1st day.

On the photo shooting day, we arrived at Bliss (the bridal house) at 10.30am, and started the makeup session. Once done, we proceeded with the photo shooting session, that lasted for half a day and we managed to complete photo shooting for 4 poses in the studio. It was already 4.30pm so we quickly rushed to Kellie's Castle for outdoor session.

When we arrived at Kellie's Castle, the sky was a little gloomy, and it seemed like it was gonna rain soon. As expected, after snapping a few photos, it started to rain. Sigh. After grabbing a few snaps in the castle, we decided to go back to the studio. As it was raining very heavily, our bodies were all wet. Sigh.

It was already 6.30pm, we were very hungry as we did not have our lunch, and our bodies are all wet and cold, sigh.

Upon arrival at studio, we quickly grabbed a few bites of the "chap fan" the staff prepared for us and continue the photo session. Nonetheless, it was already 7++ pm so the photographer decided to arrange another photo session for us.

Therefore, we ended up having a 2-day session.

The session on 2nd day was rather relaxed as compared to the 1st day's. The outdoor session was rather tough, the weather was fine, though. This was because the photographer suggested a rather odd place for the outdoor session, and we sacrificed a lot for it. I'm not gonna disclose it. *Grin* Attend my wedding reception and you will know.

Overall, the photo session was tiring and stressful, but it was a very good and memorable experience for both dar and myself. We're looking forward for the photo selection soon! Can't wait to see them!

I'd also like to thank my buddy MK for helping me in looking for Lilies for my photo session. Thank you very much! Really appreciated it :)

I hope you like the prep photos posted by YS earlier, too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pre-Weds Photo Session

Just finished a two-day wedding photo session in Ipoh. The session took 2 days due to the bad weather (will blog more about what had happened), but thank god we made it :)

We are really exhausted after the two-day session. It was very tiring but yet it has given us unforgettable experiences and moments in life. Thank you to Ys and Mm for making this happen. It really means a lot to the both of us.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Malacca : Makan-makan Trip

Last weekend, we visited the historical city of Malacca for 'makan-makan'.

As it was a public holiday (Agung's birthday), hence the traffic was terribly bad.

Due to the crawling traffic at north-south highway, we took more than 2 hours just to travel from Serdang to Seremban.

Hence, the total journey took close to 3 hours. WTF!

Upon exiting Ayer Keroh toll, our stomach had started to make noise; so we headed to 'Restaurant Lee' for our lunch. The lunch was simply great!

We ordered the same old dishes we had during our last visit to Malacca, and they tasted really delicious. Thumbs up!

After lunch, we headed to Jonker Street for our all-time favourite 'Chendol Gula Melaka'. And it was another hour jam from Ayer Keroh to Malacca town.

We wondered why was everybody visiting Malacca on that day, or is Malacca always crowded with people on weekends? We really wonder...

Besides having Chendol to chill us up on the extremely-hot day, we also managed to do some shoppings at the Jonker Street too.

While MM and family were doing their shopping, I spent my own sweet time taking some photos, and at the same time, practice my photography skills.

Hope you enjoy watching em'. I'm learning, and hope to pick up the shooting skills from day to day.


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