Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Perth - A visit to the farms

During our visit to Perth, cousin Jen brought us to farms (located at somewhere near to Kalamunda).

Thanks Jen for being our tour guide while we were in Perth ;)

1st Stop: The Apple Farm

Yes it is an apple farm with lotsa apple trees, and appless!!

Aw, the apples look so tempting. Just by looking at the pic I feel like eating all em' adi.

We were (or rather I was) excited seeing the apple trees!

2nd Stop: The Persimmon Farm

Jen also brought us to one of the persimmon farms. Seriously, it was our very 1st time seeing persimmon trees ( we have seen apple trees before).

To be honest, persimmons do not look as tempting as apples, but they are very crunchy, fresh and juicy. Hence, we decided to bring 2 boxes of persimmons back to Malaysia ;)

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dreamydolls said...

hie, i would like to know more info about kalamunda farm.. do u think we are able to visit the farm during winter? do u have any contacts?


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