Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ROM Photos by Kenny & Jimi

As promised, herewith is another entry of our Registration of Marriage :)

YS: "Will you marry me?"

MM: "Hm... I'd be happy to..."

We had a photo shooting session after the ceremony.

A big thank you to our fellow buddy Kenny and his friends Jimi for being our ROM photographers :)

YS: "What do we do to make ourselves look natural and sweet in the photos -_-?"

MM: "Um... I have no idea... Just look at the sky lah~ "
A while later...
YS: " What's next?
Jimi: "Toast your bride?"

Kenny: " Anson, we'd love have a photo of you toasting Mimi... Can you do that?"
YS: "Huh?!" *Sweating*
MM: " Kenny... I don't think he can do that..." *Sad*
Nonetheless, I made it!!

It's another artistic photo from a different angle... Good job Kenny!

Hm... It's time to... Tadaaa...

All: "Catch the flower Vanessa!! Catch!"

With this shot, that's the end of the photograph shooting session. Thank you Kenny and Jimi for the pro photo shoot. Thanks again to our friends, family and loved ones for attending the ceremony.



Mei said...

so sweet *melts*

Amadeus B.V 善渊 said...

Getting married!!??


It has been 3 years that we do not get to meet each other. Time flies.

Good luck!


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