Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Donuts (Doughnuts)

The other day I was discussing with MM on our blog content... Basically I find our blog is a bit too 'rojak' or '杂', as do not often blog a specific topic or area. For instance, food blog, travel blog etc.

YS: "我觉得我们的BLOG有点杂。。。 我们可以focus在一个specific的area吗? 比如说Paul Tan blog 关于汽车, SUSAN blog 关于Management...?"
MM: "有点难, 因为我们不是时常去旅行, 也没时常到处去makan-makan等等, 所以真的很难blog到很专..."
YS: "Hmm..."
MM: "没关系啦,不一定要做到很专或Pro的。。。我们可以BLOG我们生活上的点滴嘛。。。"
YS: "Hmm... 那我们今天要Blog写什么? "
MM: "我突然很怀念Victoria Market 的 Donut,就blog它吧 :D "
YS: "。。。"

Alright, let's blog about it then. A few months ago, we visited Melbourne... MM brought me to The Queen Victoria Market.

Two very-delicious donuts are sold in the market; they are the Spanish and the American donuts... To be frank, both of us are actually fans of donuts ;)

Spanish Donut (Video)

Spanish donut is always MM's all-time favourite donut. Nonetheless, I prefer American donut better ;) Yummy! Both Spanish and American donuts are highly recommended by YSMM...


Mei said...

argh...the spanish doughnut! MM, I still remember us making it in OZ, it tasted almost the same just that the shape a bit out...hahaha.

Jimmy Yau said...

I still prefer US Donut, Krispy Kreme. i heard gonna open at 1U soon.

YSMM said...

Hi Jimmy:
Spanish donut is a completely different kind of donut.
Yeah,i heard Krispy Kreme and tried before too...not bad..


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