Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First anniversary with webMethods (now SoftwareAG)

June 18, 2008

Time flies, and it has been a year since I joined webMethods (now known as Software AG) as a Professional Service consultant, and it has also been a year since WebMethods (Wm) was acquired by Software AG, the second largest software firm in Germany after SAP.

Software AG, The XML Company

To me, this one-year has also been a very fruitful year. During this one-year period, there were ups and downs in my career. Ups were in terms of I get to acquire a lot of knowledge and technical skills. I was also given opportunities to perform and excel in my job, and meet some amazing people at work. I also managed to meet up with some of my colleagues in Melbourne office during my visit there last Christmas too :)

On the other hand, downs or hard time were in terms of, um... I find I am being left out by my superior. Reason is he isn't base in Malaysia, so I hardly have a chance to meet up with him or talk to him.

Nonetheless, I am rather amazed by WebMethods products, and am proud to be part of Software AG. Regardless the downs or hard time I have, Software AG has really given me a right direction to develop my lifetime career. As long as I have the right attitude for my job, then I believe I can always walk through the obstacles ahead.


haan said...

it feels so good when we like what we do everyday... how long did u stay at b2b eh?

YSMM said...

Hi WH,

I worked there for about 2 years 3-4 months... and I joined Software AG after that...


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