Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is 2008 a Wedding Year?

It seems to us that this year is a good year to get married! We're not talking about it blindly, we have proof! We have evidence!!

Let's just look at our friend circle. Many of our friends are getting in these few months, starting from October to January. So far I guess there are around 8 of them!!
  • Our Ex-Colleagues: Shuh Yong and Chen Chaing, Jimmy and Bee Lim, Michele & Partner, Bee Ai and Chang Ye
  • My Secondary School Mates: Kay Lee & Partner, Rice & Partner
  • YS's Sister: Brenda & CM
  • My Coursemate: Winnie and Andrew
Hmm... did we miss anyone out?

First, we have our cute and beautiful bride Shuh Yong. She and her darling Chen Chiang just got married last week. We quite like their pre-wed photos personally.

This is a really lovely and sweet photo, and we quite like it! Not sure if we dare to try this too?

A week after Shuh Yong's, we will have Jimmy and Bee Lim's wedding.

Yes they are getting married this coming weekend! And YS will be his 'heng dai' on his wedding day and get ready to be tortured by the Bee Lim's 'ji mui' -_________-"

Next is YS's secondary classmate Kay Lee. Her wedding day is just a week after Jimmy's.

Then we have Bee Ai & Chang Ye, and Michele and her dear. Both the couples will get married on the same day, which is in early December.

Basically the pre-wedding photos of Bee Ai and Change Ye are kinda cute and funny, um I mean quite fresh and relax :D

This is YS's sister Brenda, and her wedding day falls on the same day as Bee Ai's and Michele's.

Basically I quite like Brenda's pre-wedding outdoor photos. We do not have the pics to share here though.

After YS's sister's wedding, we will have to attend YS's best friend, Rice's wedding.
He is indeed the very 1st friend in YS's secondary school gang who get married :D and the gang are thinking of how to torture him on his wedding -______-

Lastly we have Winnie and Andrew. Her pre-wedding photos was shot under the sea!

We've heard about underwater wedding a lot of times, but this is the 1st time we're seeing it! Thats cool man!

Now you believe us after seeing our friends' pre-wedding photos? Can we conclude that 2008 is a wedding year? :D Anyway, of all the pics, which one do you prefer better? Hmm... Quite hard to choose one ya?

Last but not least, congratz to all the lovely couples
above on their wedding! Happy Wedding!

Note: All the above photos were grabbed from our friends' Friendster, Facebook and Flickr.

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