Monday, August 23, 2010

I am a certified first aider :D

Some time ago, I attended a 2-Day training on occupational 1st aid and CPR. Thanks to YS, as I was inspired by him so I participated in the training. FYI, YS was a St. John Ambulance member back in high school. Being part of the St. John team, of course YS was a certified 1st aider too.

Back to the topic, yes finally I got my 1st aider card today! Yippey! I passed all the 2 assessments (1st aid + CPR) and 1 test (multiple choice)! *Flying*

The course was sponsored by the company that I am working in, and the 1st aider pass only valid for two years. It was a very meaningful and fruitful training. I learned how important 1st aid is in saving one's life, esp. in emergency.

The cert and 1st aider card I got today ;-)

Below are some photos taken during the training for sharing...

1 comment:

aiwei said...

I always want to learn how to perform CPR!I have a medical student friend who taught me by words LOL.

I have to go learn and get certified one day!


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