Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wedding Preparation - 过大礼

Tomorrow will be one of the big days before our actual wedding day. Yes that's right, 过大礼 (Guo Da Li).

We have been busy with our 过大礼 preparation for the past few days. Yesterday, dar and myself went back to our hometowns separately for the preparation.

过大礼Checklist is a rather long list. e.g. Lotus, dates, sugar, salt, noodle, hard liquor, fruits etc. The most important items for the entire 过大礼 event is no other but 礼金 (Cash gifts) and 礼饼 (wedding pastry). Thanks dar and my mom-in-law for preparing all the necessary items. Really appreciate it :)

Our 过大礼 will be on tomorrow. Dar shall be arriving my place at 11am for the event. Hence he shall depart from Ipoh at 7.30am!

Guess tomorrow will be another tiring day for both of us. Gotta head to bed soon! Tomorrow will be a great day! ;)

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