Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Best Football Moment

Those who know me should know that I'm a die hard fan of Arsenal FC. When I first knew MM, I was surprised to know that she is also a fan of the gunners too! She started watching football since years ago, that was when Eric Cantona played for MU!

I still remember there was a day where both of us took a day leave to watch UEFA Champions League Final back in year 2005. It was Arsenal vs. Barcelona. It was one of the most memorable football moments ever, Arsenal lose in the game though.

Well, basically to me, the best football moment is actually not about watching your favourite football team playing or winning the games, but it is about watching them playing with the one that you love, esp. when he/she is a kaki bola and supports the same team that you do. I'm blessed that I've found one, and this would always be my best football moment :)

I was actually browsing some of the famous blogs earlier... The is actually a contest to win free tickets to watch Chelsea live in Malaysia, with title "My Best Football Moment". Wonder if I can use this entry to win MM and myself the tickets for the game?


i need a loan said...

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national lottery said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

Jimmy Yau said...

i bet you will a blues jersey instead.

ps. the devil is the best. haha..

YSMM said...

Jimmy:I will be wearing Gunner's shirt to watch Chelsea games!!:))


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