Monday, July 14, 2008

Work Appraisal

Time flies, and it has been quite a while since I joined X Company. It's already July, and it's the month for work appraisal.

I believe this (work appraisal period) is the time that most of us, ordinary employees are looking for. As usually we will be appraised and then, get an increment$$ in salary :D Nonetheless, whenever there's work appraisal, we will certainly being thrown a set of questions and we are required to answer all them in order to get our increment :( Examples are:

  • What were your key responsibilities and achievements during the year?
  • what are your goals for the coming year?

  • What are your main motivation in your job? Why?
  • What are your main strengths that contribute to your work performance?
  • Based on your strengths, which area would you consider you can perform best and contribute most?
And the list goes on -____-!" And, if you notice, almost all organizations use the same or rather similar set to work appraisal questions.

Nevertheless, I suppose the management is known to the answers for all the above questions without being told by the employees... So can I choose not to answer them? -___- Anywayz, am still trying my best to answers the appraisal questions for the sake of $$ (increment). Can I answer the way that Dilbert did? Wonder if I will still get my increment if I really do so :D

Do/did you get the same questions as mine? What was the toughest question being thrown to you before? Feel free to share.

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