Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cycling at Taman Botani, Putrajaya

On one fine day, Mike, Elaine, MM and myself went cycling at the Putrajaya Taman Botani (Botanical Garden). It was one of the best outdoor activities we have ever had in KL.

We arrived Taman Botani at around 9am...

Taman Botani captures in full colour the diversity of tropical flowering species. It's indeed a good place to rest and relax. It's a hassle-free place whereby you can really forget the city's hassles, have some exercise, enjoy the fantastic scenery and recharge yourselves.

Bicycles can be rented from the information center. We rented 2 mountain bikes and one 'so-called double-bike'.

It was really amazing seeing all those beautiful trees, flowers and green shrubs thriving on a hill overlooking a serene lake.

Admission Fee: FOC

Bicycle Rental: Mountain Bike: RM 4/ Bike

Bicycle Rental: Double Bike: RM 7/Bike

It was an amazing experience cycling at the lake side. We really enjoyed the fantastic scenery as well as the morning breeze...

Look! There are two duckies swimming in the lake!

Guess the duckies are a couple... The one swimming in front must be the hubby and the one behind must be his wife...

This is me and MM. Say Cheese :D

After cycling for about 2 hours, we stopped at a pondok made of attap leaves next to the lake and had a rest. We left the park at around 12noon.

For those who are interested in visiting Taman Botani, it is open to the public 9.00 am - 7.00pm daily. Do invite us along too!


autumnmusic said...

hmm, the duckies...

...must be hubby in front meh???


Valen Lim said...

great! next time can go there for cycling :D

YSMM said...


Can we have one cycling session this coming August?
Can ask those ex-b2b and some very few b2b to join too!

Valen you organize ok? :D

YSMM said...


This is anson's explanation
>> male duck is the one leading while female is the follower wor -__-

Sweat!! Discriminate!

J/K! Thanks for visiting our blog :)

haan said...

anson, seems like you are still wearing the same shirt nowadays... how many years already ar, hehe

autumnmusic said...

-_-''' k-n-s~~~

haha, my pleasure lah, bu yao ke qi ;)

and about cycling, i agree!!! and i second the motion, valen, we look up to u~~~ =D


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