Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yet,it's another milestone

I started to work as a product analyst some time ago after I left AT. This would be another milestone in life for me...

What I am currently doing is very different from what I did before. Hence it would be a new challenge for me too.

Moreover, it's my very 1st time working in Multi-National Corporate (MNC) , so I felt a little nervous in the beginning -__-"

I find working in a MNC is very different from working in local companies, and I am not sure if the differences are good or bad.

So far things went well and I am doing good, and I hope they will continue to be good and I will excel in what I am doing too... *Finger crossed*

P/S: AT folks, you will be missed :) Argh, just notice there are some spelling mistakes in the photos uploaded -_-" Not foolsball but foosball.

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