Wednesday, May 26, 2010

12.05.2010 - My Last Working Day in AT

After 2.5 years working in AT, finally it is time to say good bye to the company, and my beloved colleagues.

It was a very tough decision, and I decided to leave for some personal reasons.

I thought I would feel happy, at least a lil' relief when I left the company. But I felt otherwise.

I do not know why but I felt a little sad. Um, okay, I know why I was down. Yes, I miss my colleagues (or perhaps I should call them friends), and my bosses. Sigh.

I hope it is a change for the better, and I believe it is.

Thanks Wilson for bringing me in AT and your guidance; Thanks Kho Wei for the you assistance and guidance when I 1st joined the team; and finally, thanks Steven for bringing me where I am now. (Sorry Wilson, couldn't find any photos of both of us together :p)

Aww, the more I write, the sadder I feel )': Doink!

Guys, you will always be remembered!

Last but not least, thanks Aryo, Andrew, Felice, Frida, Farry, Joekit, Amanda, Lingling, Eddie, Mun Kent, CS, Wilson, Chris, Keelin, Koktong and those whom I forgot to mention your names, thanks for the farewell lunch and the lovely pressie :)

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Anonymous said...

Mimi, do not be sad! i know u miss us so much ( especially me :) ).. but it's gonna be happen..
i pray for you, hope you always remember us, your dream come true and getting fatter than now..hahah

you know what, office very quiet because you are not around..
:( ( i mean reverse ) hahahha

see you next time Mimi @Cyberjaya..
Regards, ARYO


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