Monday, May 24, 2010

KL-Singapore-KL Day Tour~

One fine Saturday (9th May, 2010), both Ys and myself visited our neighbour Singapore.
It was supposed to be a trip for ONE Important purpose but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was then turned out to be a "打了个白鸽转" in SG.

Special thanks to our friend 'Kit Kit' - who is also a new SG PR holder for touring us around his 2nd home :)

The following are the itineraries:

1) Our flight from Tiger Airways departed from Malaysia at 8.30am, and we arrived SG's Changi Airport at 9.30am.

2) Our friend Kit Kit was already there waiting for us. He is indeed a very good friend of dar :) He then brought us to a place called Eunos to try some local hawker food. Guess what, they are selling a glass of soya bean drink at 60 cents! It's very cheap okay!

3) Kit kit then brought us to the Bugis Junction for shopping.

Personally I quite like Bugis Junction. It is an integrated development (whereby some old shop lots are connected to each other) located at Downtown Area in Singapore. Personally I find it looks similar to The Curve in Damansara, but it is a lot more nicer to shop ;)

4) We stayed till 12.30-1pm, then we headed to City Hall, hoping to get some cheap gadgets there (as ppl keep telling us that gadgets are cheap in SG -.-") However, we couldn't get any cheap and nice stuff, duh -.-" and I ended up spending money on clothes >.< and we had our lunch at City Hall.

5) Then, we visited the Merlion - Singapore's Trademark (which is Mermaid + Lion in case you do not know :p) at Raffles Place.

No no, they are not Merlions :p

This is not a Merlion too... Oops! Argh okay, I know you know that it is the esplanade :p

Obviously, it is not the merlion too :p It's one of the newly built casinos in SG - The Sand Casino (金莎赌场).

Okay, this is the real merlion that was stroked by lightning some time ago. Yeah I know it sounds a little silly but it happened -.-" They fixed it and also installed some lightning rods on it. I din't see any though. I can't help but to laugh, hahaha

Look at the sky, it was very dark, wasn't it? Yes it rained, but luckily they were just showers and they stopped very quickly.

Photo time with the Merlion.., Say Cheese~ Wait a minute, do you see the Maybank tower behind the Merlion? Wow! I guess Maybank is doing so well until they can own such a big and tall tower in SG huh!

After seeing the Merlion, Kit Kit also brought us to the place where his office is located at to snap some photos.

6) Alright, we were done with the photo shooting, and I suggested to go to the Vivo city for another round of Retail Therapy. Our legs almost got broken due to walking for too long. Dar said it is a sign of aging -.-

Until a point when we can't walk no more, Kit Kit suggested to go for dinner and he recommended a restaurant called Bosses (黑社会) in Vivo City. We had a 2-hour long dinner, then we said goodbye to Kit Kit and left for Airport.

7) We arrived Changi Airport at 8pm and did some window shopping at the Duty-Free shops in the airport.

The Jet Star flight we took was suppose to depart from SG at 9.50pm, but it was delayed for more than one hour -.-" Due to the delay, we arrived KLIA at 12.00am and home at 1.00am; we were both exhausted. Nevertheless, it was still a fun-filled trip.

Thanks again to Kit Kit for the hospitality! That is very kind of you :) It was in fact our (both dar and myself) very 1st time visiting Singapore TOGETHER! Hence it is a memorable trip ;')

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