Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bangkok - Cruising along the Chao Phraya River

We visited the city of Bangkok last week. It was a 4d3n trip organized by Mike, and we joined in very last minute (we booked our air tickets on Thursday and departed from LCCT on Saturday morning).

Despites some protests or demonstrations and the declaration of emergency state in the city of Bangkok, we still managed to visit some of the interesting places.

One of the trips we had was the Chao Phaya River crusise. It was an interesting trip, the weather was extremely hot, though. We took a train to Taksin station and joined the river cruise.

As it was Songran festival that day, so there was a 30 baht off on the cruise tickets (Normal price is 150 baht, but we managed to get it at 120 baht).

Due to the hot weather and the liited time we had, we only managed to drop off at 2 stops, they are the stop at grand palace and Wat Arun.

There are some nice and tall buildings (some are offices and some are hotels) at the river side.

However, there are also some rumah tinggi too. What a contrast.

This is memorial bridge. Tourists can stop here to go to China town.

There are also many nice wat (temple) at the river side whereby toursits can drop off for sight seeing and photo shooting.

This is Wat Arun, one of the very well-known wat in Bangkok. Isn't it nice?
We did not manage to snap many photos, as our camera ran out of battery -__- Sigh...

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