Monday, February 23, 2009

Cuti-Cuti M'sia - Rabbit Park at Bukit Tinggi

On a boring Saturday afternoon, MM and I decided to go jalan-jalan at Bukit Tinggi. Initially we wanted to visit Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Tea Garden, however we ended up visiting the rabbit park.


I think rabbits are cute, and MM does look like one. Sorry to say that.

MM with a white rabbit. She dares not the stay close to rabbit for a god-knows-what reason.

Besides rabbits, there are deers...

and donkeys...

and some I-dunno-what-it's-called bird too. Please share with us if you do know what is the name of the birds.

Last but not least, they have a rabbit baby centre. Personally I find baby rabbits look like baby hamsters and they do not have long ears when they are babies. Can you spot the baby rabbits in the photo?

Here is how to get there from KL (Plaza toll Gombak):

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1 comment:

YT said...

Cute rabbits! Went there once and I love love love the rabbits. I even cuddled and kissed them *blush*


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