Thursday, February 26, 2009

Perth - Iterneries Planning

We will be visiting Perth soon in April! To be honest we really look forward to this one-week vacation. We really want to take a break and escape from the hussle and bussle of KL and our working life for a while.

We have started to plan for our travel iterneries and have identified some of the interesting places to visit after spoken to MM's cousin from Perth.

Sight-seeing at Wave Rock (which was formed 60,000,000 years ago) , WA.

Sight-seeing and sand boarding at Pinnacles Desert, WA.

Dolphin Watch/ Swim at Rockingham, WA.

City tour - Frementle, Swan River and Kings Park, WA.

Wine Tasting at Swan Valley! This is what I have been looking for in this trip! I must drink as much as I can, probably untill I throw out this time!

In fact we are still planning for the iteneries, and it may evolve in time. Hopefully we have some spare time to visit some of the beaches in Perth too, if time allows. Let's see how can we adjust our plan.


Valen said...

Wow, interesting! Hope to visit there too!

YSMM said...

Yeah we do look forward to the trip too. It's rather cheap to fly there as sometimes Air Asia and Mas Airlines do sell cheap return tickets to Perth that cost less than RM1100 :) Day tours there are not cheap, though.


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