Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Taiwan Chapter 2 : Danshui 淡水

Generally the public transportation system in Taiwan (esp. Taipei) is pretty efficient. The commonly used public transports are no other but MRT (捷运) and buses (客运).

Today we're gonna blog about our (my to be exact, as MM was ill) visit to a place called Danshui (淡水). Danshui is accessible by MRT - the last stop of Red Line in the MRT map attached.

Generally 淡水 is one of the must-go places when visiting Taipei. It's located at northern Taipei and it is near to the sea. It is well-known for it's Danshui old street (淡水老街) which is located at Zhongzheng Street. It's also a place where you can get load of souvenirs (famous Taiwanese cookies and snacks) from.

Besides well-known old street, Danshui is also an historical place like Malacca. There are Hong Mao Cheng (红毛城),Tamkong High school & University (淡江中学&大学),Xiao Bai Gong (小白宫), 渡船头 (a jetty at Danshui) etc. They are all within walking distance from the MRT station of Danshui.

If you have heard about Fishermen Wharf (渔人码头), it's also located at Danshui. However, in order to get there, first you need to head to 渡船头 (located at the end of Zhongzheng Street) then you get to the fishermen wharf via ferries from the jetty.

Some of the must-eats are Danshui Ah Gei - the brown thingy below (淡水阿给), Ah Po Tie Dan - I bought some for MM's cousin (阿婆铁蛋),Hong Ma Sour Plum Soup (洪妈酸酶汤),etc.

However, without MM doing all these with me, I just tried the Danshui Ah Gei (淡水阿给) and Sour Plum Soup only.

Updated by YS: '淡水:一个集合了东方与西方古老怀旧气息的地方。。。也是台湾偶像剧拍摄的热门地点。电影<<不能说的秘密>>就是在这里的淡江大学拍摄的。由于没有MM陪伴我同行, 这些照片只是风景照。'

If you are planning your trip to Taiwan, the following are MRT and Danshui maps might help you in your planning, cheers.

1) Map on google

View Larger Map

2) A very useful and informative MRT Map.

Click on the MRT map to view the full size image.

3) Map of Danshui Old Street (中正路 on the map) and it's points of interest (esp. for food)
Click on the map to view the full size image.

4) Map of Danshui - You can see where Danshui University, Hong Mao Cheng and other places are located at on it.

Click on the map to view the full size image.


meikuan said...

you guys can always visit Taiwan again. Hope MM is well now. Take care!

Honey Dew said...

Dear YSMM,
Very DETAILED information when reading yr blog. Am so worried to bring my 2 girls aged 7 & 12 for 1 week tour Taiwan & 1 week Free & Easy in Taipei, Mioli, Hsinchu & finally be at Novetel Hotel in Taoyuan Int'l Airport on 30 Nov 2010 for our 0745 flight on 1 Dec. Thx for showing BEAUTIFUL pictures, maps & related informations for sharing :)

Ysmm said...

Honey Dew: Glad that you enjoy reading our blog. Hopes you will have a great trip in Taiwan.:)


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