Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Free photo session from Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation ROadshow

My sis Brenda visited us during the weekend, and her usual activity in KL, she was here shopping. There was a roadshow on Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation in Mid Valley Megamall.

And my sis bought some products from Lancome.

Because of the damage, she was given free photography sessions. So she invited my youngest sis and MM along for the photo session.

Yes, the makeup + hairdo + photo session was free. So the ladies spent 1 hour+ for the session... And here is the outcome of the session (see picture below)

MM got her A4 size portrait printed. Look, isn't she gorgeous? :D

Here's what the ladies said - how nice it would be if they had a dinner/ prom that night... Cos they received free hairdo & makeup session which normally cost at least RM60.00... They are just typical women...

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