Monday, January 10, 2011

My 2011 Birthday!

January 10th is my birthday, and it's indeed a memorable birthday for me :)

Bday 1

1st of all, birthday cake is usually a must-have for birthday. So my darling baked me a blueberry cheese cake!! Awwww!!


Yess a home made cheese cake! He made it from scratch! I am totally in love with it! It tastes so good! Lovess itt!

Bday 5

A birthday celebration is usually complete with a birthday dinner :D

Bday 4

As I am still ill today, and also due to the very bad traffic in KL downtown after the heavy pour today, we had a birthday dinner in a Korean Restaurant called Daorae in Sri Petaling. The foods were quite good, and the customer service was very satisfying too!

Bday 3

Until now, I am happy with the birthday cake (esp. his effort in baking it specially for me) and the Korean dinner.

But my darling wanted to make it more perfect and memorable for me... so he also bought me a birthday pressie


He surprised me with a wallet from Gucci! :D It is rather pricey and I seriously don't want him to waste too much money in buying designer stuff for me, I love it though :)

Bday 2

Thanks darling for everything you did to me on my special day. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention about the little surprise we had this morning! I love you xx


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