Saturday, June 04, 2011

Maternal Milk Formula During Pregnancy

Being an expectant mom, I always want to give the best to my baby :) One of the things I can do for him is to ensure that he is supplied with all the nutrition he needs for his healthy development.

So one of the things I can do for him is to drink the maternal milk twice a day :)

Basically when you are pregnant, you will receive all kinds of sample milk powder for free! Wondering how... or why free...?

How to get sample milk powder for free? -- Basically for myself, I got most of the free samples from the women specialist clinic I visit on a regular monthly basis :) Besides that, I also got some free samples from butique that sell pregnancy wear :) There was once I got free samples from one of the local super market when I was shopping for milk powder :)

Why free? -- Simply because they wanna recruit new consumers for their products :p

Basically I tried most of the milk powder available in the market. For example, Enfamama A+, Anmum Materna, Mamil Mama, Friso, S-26 Mama etc.

Of all the brands above, I like Anmum the most, followed by Mamil Mama. And you know, I started to consume the product since the 6th week in my pregnancy, and I am still drinking the milk twice a day. Hopefully the formula will help in my little boy's development. * Finger crossed *

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